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My arguemnet for why stats are not a good judge of quality

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The stats are terrible, and the ride is terrible... If you're trying to show stats are not a good judge of quality you need a different example.

Generally, I would say bad stats => bad ride, but the converse does not necessarily hold. The stats calculation is pretty crude and mostly tells you whether your ride is safe, not whether it's actually any good.

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I think he's trying to say that, with the stat generator, a ride as lethal as this can still help you make a quick buck.

12 minutes ago, X7123M3-256 said:

The stats calculation is pretty crude and mostly tells you whether your ride is safe

In this case the stats calculation is doing the exact opposite. It's telling you that a terribly deadly ride like this (just LOOK AT THOSE G's) is somehow pulling off 2.71 excitement, "only" 7.02 intensity, and *gasp* only 3.41 nausea. I guess the dead don't really get that nauseous...

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The ride ratings were halved on that ride because it didn't have a big drop. Add a slightly bigger drop at the end and the intensity will skyrocket (which will decrease the exitement by more than 50%). Looking at this, I think the intensity penalty should be applied before the max drop height penalty.

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9 minutes ago, X7123M3-256 said:

The rating calculation would have to be changed to correct this.

Isn't the calculations different for each coaster tho? As I think I've seen different coasters respond to different types of constructions :o

Which means this maybe is more of a specific problem for just this ride?

Even tho the score is BAD :P

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The weight placed on each factor is different for each ride type - wild mouse coasters get less of a penalty for lateral Gs, and some coasters get no benefit from inversions, for example - but the actual calculation doesn't differ, and most rides have the excitement and intensity severely reduced if a certain minimum drop size is not met (though the exact minimum depends on the ride).

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