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  1. You should report this on github as a lot more devs are on there
  2. what i found is you have to wait a good couple of minutes when launching for the first time
  3. ....... i have rides that are so much worse..... i dont like to talk about them...
  4. I was running a sever about a month ago and I had to of the same people in my sever and one was making racist remarks and the other was saying that its wasn't him. I think we should put in a system that doesn't let 2 players with the same join the game until we have people use forum login.
  5. I had this happen to be yesterday. I just installed the multi platform launcher and that solved my issues
  6. um .......how.... LOOK AT THOSE G's how would you judge the quality of a ride then.
  7. So I made I track pack of rides I built up to 3 years ago if any of you are interested please download the zip and please read the ReadMe. Also do not expect any scenery as I am very bad at it if there is any don't expect it to be good. And yes I understand that most of you can build better and more realistic rides than me. Please look at some of the screen shots below. Ride Shown: Challenger (the Red Hyper) Ride Shown: Double Loop (the Grey and orange ride) Ride Shown: Rats Nest Ride Shown: The Great 8 (how its in the red i don't know but I like the ride anyway) Track pack 1(Kevdog3700).zip
  8. Have you tried a full reinstall of openrct2?
  9. What OS are you on and have you tried redownloading and using that launcher. If you are on windows try using the other launcher (the one for OSX, linix, and windows or the just windows one. Which ever one you are not using right now)
  10. When does it say "Application cannot be started" when you try and launch the launcher or when you try and launch openrct inside the launcher
  11. I have had this same issue in the Original rct2. I build a wooden coaster with a intensity in the high 9's and it stayed like that still i saved the ride and rebuilt it (in the same spot) so it would stop breaking down and I then got a intensity rating of about 10.7.
  12. I just build this 7x8 Wild mouse named Rats Nest Rats Nest (kevdog3700).td6
  13. What ever happened to the open rct store.
  14. Also when i tried to run the latest dev build the title screen was black but shown the buttons so i tried to load a park and this happened. (look at screenshot) Then the game crashed.
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