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Compact Coasters Park


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I needed a fun challenge in RCT2 so I decided to take a small piece of land and build a coaster on it. Using completely random numbers, small turned out to be 50 tiles in 5x10 pattern, including entrance and exit. So I started to build some coasters:


I only allowed myself to use 5x10 tiles, so the only way to improve them was to build higher. Practice makes perfect:


After some time, I started to allow myself to use 10x10 tiles. It turns out that you can build much much much better designs with only twice as much room:


I even managed to build some racing rollercoasters with trains reaching the finish within a split-second of each other!


Some tracked rides allow narrow corners, perfect for some 5x5 rides! (edit: seems the river rapids are 5x6, whoops)


How many inversions can you fit in 100 tiles? This corkscrew coaster has 9:


It is even harder with inverted coasters, as they take 3 units of vertical space instead of 2:


Note that all minetrain coasters have tunnels and terrain for better visuals.


Guests don't seem to care about where you put the hedges inside of your maze...


In the end, I tried some 6x15 coasters (90 tiles). Man you can build great stuff on that! (this vertical coaster is the same as 'Towers of Terror' in the second Group Park)


Sometimes 5x10 just isn't enough, as you can see in the lower part of the image above.A screenshot with about 60% of the rides:


If you want to download the park with all 60 compact rides, click here: CompactPark.SV6

Note that all coasters are designed to be completely safe. Only 3 coasters ever crashed and they have been modified to prevent any further crashes.

Thanks for reading!

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2 hours ago, CharlieP said:

They look awesome! I would like to see more. Did you ever re-upload the park?

Not yet, I need to fix some minor things before I'll do that and save all shuttle coasters again due a save bug when I made it. I will post here when I've reuploaded the park.

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The park is has been re-uploaded. I slightly modified one coaster to prevent a crash shortly after a restrainst stuck closed breakdown. I'll upload a zip with most coasters (excluding those with ultra-low ratings) once the save coaster tool is fixed.

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