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  1. Interesting to see that. I thought the willingness of guests to pay the set amount was something like a normal distribution... Turned out it's a threshold model 🤣 Well, at least this made pricing really simple.
  2. I've never studied the pathfinding AI in RCT, nor have I cared about it, but it seems now that this totally matters. Speaking of this, is there a thread containing the detailed pathfinding algorithm that I can take a look? Now it seems really interesting.
  3. Hello OpenRCT2 Community! It's such a fortune for me to find this project. My first encounter with the RCT series was ~15 years ago, when I was still in elementary school, and I fell in love with it. After that, as PCs got continually upgraded, compatibility issues prevented me from playing RCT, until I got here. OpenRCT2 is my savior! I'm currently in college in Sydnet, Australia. Any friends from the same city? Last but not least, a huge thank to the development team! 😃 And I look forward to new features in the future.
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