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  1. After playing it a bit I ended up dropping a few more bathrooms down and dropping the price of them to .20 cents. It is a money scenario but not for the rides after all.. had to hire some more staff as well. Overall it's a very nice park.
  2. Thanks Bodoc_Calado. Now I have both of them. I remember in vanilla they used to have major pathfinding issues... not any more!
  3. Bumping.. still looking for universal studios UK.. hope that's OK?
  4. Nice! All that's left is universal studios uk! Thanks giraty.
  5. Copypasted from the wayback machine site. It was 2013. lol
  6. So I'm looking for two savefiles from a long extinct website to try to get them going in openrct2: Universal Studios United Kingdom and Islands of Adventure United Kingdom. I got as far as http://web.archive.org/web/20130103050551/http://www.realrct.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/ but it won't let me download the saves from it. Anyone have these floating around somewhere? Islands Of Adventure : UK Islands Of Adventure UK, a follow-up to the famous theme park in Orlando Florida, opened its doors to the UK public in 2002. After suspecting Six Flags was about to enter the UK market,
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