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  1. I've noticed people online usually play in groups, or cliques. There's usually one notable person in the group, or at least the person that essentially brings the group together. Examples include Sheepsnoop, Skylander, BirthdayBrian (rip, wherever he went), or exclusive or acceptance-only groups like MoT or Whiskey Station. I'm curious, since I'm active with a lot of different player groups in the game, each have their own opposing sides against others, kind of like a turf war. What groups/notable people have you had good experiences with, which ones ran good servers and had friendly people, or which groups of people or server admins have been notably toxic, hostile, or just plain annoying? There's a lot of drama going around recently (surrounding the Nicman controversy), so I think now would be a good time to clear thoughts and share details on people we can trust and those we should avoid. I probably won't be stating my personal opinions unless this thread gets off the ground for a while. I'm interested in seeing what other people think of each other in-game, or what can be commonly accepted as either an "okay" group or a "toxic" group. This is an opinion thread, so you're free to totally rip on someone if you'd like. Or praise them.
  2. Not exactly what I meant, I meant like, having that small screen on the main screen.
  3. Honestly, I haven't seen this idea yet (or at least for the first few pages I looked in), but I think this could be a feature that helps tracking trains while testing rides. Yes, I'm fully aware of the "center camera" button in the ride window, but I think something like a "long-term" press/toggle would make viewing coasters a lot more fun. Think of pressing the "center camera" button really, really fast, and that's essentially the idea I've had. I've been playing RCT since I was like, 4, and I always considered this a cool feature that was never used.
  4. I've been playing OpenRCT2 for months now, and I'm aware of many of the game-crashing bugs, but I really haven't come across that many, and usually ones that don't repeat the same offense... until now? I open the game and I immediately hear an error noise, and for some reason I can't alt-tab my way on the error window without it flickering on-screen for a mere fraction of a second before returning to black. Honestly, the only words I'm able to read out were "crash dump" and I read the bugs forum for a while and began to understand, only none I see are to the degree of what I'm experiencing. I've read I had to put files in a ZIP file, but I wasn't sure exactly what files, so I just put my entire OpenRCT2 directory (with the DMP included) in a ZIP file. Hoping to figure out what I can do next. OpenRCT2.zip
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