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  1. I love to build the Vertical Drop Coasters. Here's a shot of one. Babylon.
  2. I've found a link to the downloads https://web.archive.org/web/20160527064921/http://www.rctmart.com/downloads/index.html
  3. I checked out both links. The one to the upload (dropbox says it is no longer there), and the link to the archive site, the link to the download doesn't work. I could be doing something entirely wrong here though.
  4. Does that link no longer work, or can any of you post a zip file of all of the object or just the HP or LOTR ones?? I would greatly appreciate it.
  5. I know nothing about developing, but why wouldn't this be possible?? I'm going to try that workaround and see how that works out. Im hoping by some miracle this happens. I could make an entire park of schronized coasters and have them meet at certain points in the park. It would be incredible.
  6. I'm hoping to be able to sync non adjacent stations to be able to make dueling rides that face each other. From opposite sides of the map. Not sure if this has come up in another topic.
  7. So I started this park a couple moths ago when I first downloaded OpenRCT2, and I haven't really stopped working on it. All but one of the rides are custom built, and there will definitely be more scenery to be added to most of the rides, and possible layout changes in the Dessert area. Eventually the water area will just look like a bunch of glass buildings by the time I'm done, but a few more rides need to be thrown in there. A possible redesign of the transportation system may be necessary in the future, but we'll see. This park is very far from complete. Objective: Earn $50,000/mo. from ride tickets I'm dangerously close at $45,000/mo. I'm looking for scenery suggestions as well.
  8. You know how you can hold shift and change the height of certain rides, usually the thrill ones. Is there a way to bury entire roller coaster using the same method?
  9. I would really enjoy something like being able to spawn a bunch of guests at a time. I also just downloaded it today so there may be something like that already.
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