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  1. Hello, Can somebody show me or clearly explaimns me how i get twitch working in the game? So that I can stream my gameplay? Regards, Wes
  2. You now have a limit of rides you can select. 128 rides in total I believe. With the new save format you can extend that limit by adding more rides and scenery content so the possibilities with the game are beyond limits.
  3. Yes true but with the new save format you can add 'more' rides into the object selection and so on. So it would be much easier to create and add custom content.
  4. With the new save format it should be able to add new track types and coasters to the game. Are you willing to provide us or the team that content cause you are doing a pretty good job at this so far?
  5. My save works in the DEV version, just the objects are glitching more then previous DEV versions. Is this a new issue or am I the only one who encounters this. Check my buildlog for more info what I'm doing at the moment.
  6. Hey guys, I am building alot of object over and in each other, but I never had so much glitch with the zero clearnce/heigt restrictions. In the latest updates, it seems the objects are glitching more then before. Is there a fix then just delete all of my objects abd start over again? Regards, Wes.
  7. Welcome, To Journey of the hidden artifact! The ride has become more complete now! Still not everything is finished. There is a walkthrough inside the mountain, a darkride after the splash and a temple with a stolen artifact. Can you find the magical piece and restore the mountain's magic? More to come soon, Wes.
  8. But it is not allowed to upload a whole file folder of objdata files here due to the creators rights.
  9. But it is not allowed to upload a whole file folder of objdata files here due to the creators rights.
  10. Great atmosphere! Although for me it feels like you could have done a slightky better job in your track transitions on a few points. But, givem that, a really awesome showcase!
  11. If you want, I can upload a ZIP/RAR for you on wetransfer so you can have a download. PM me your mail adress (Don't post it here due to security reasons) and then further instructions where to place them.
  12. Every 3 or 4 days it get''s updated. Sometimes each day a new update. They work hard, but it is still people who have daytime jobs. So don't expect them to be working on it as a full game developer.
  13. #spoileralert: Thank you, That totally worked! The station is WIP so I'm not going to post it in the buildlog right now. Some errors shown on the pic above are currently being worked on.
  14. I am working on a new water ride as shown in build logs. But I stumbled upon a small issue: I can't edit the chainspeed of the merged lifthill. I am using 1 entrance station and one exit station to simulate a Intamin circular platform to get into the boats. The ride operates therefore in Boat Hire Mode. In the old 8cars way of hacking our way into RCT-2 we could adjust the lift value to tackle this. Is it possible to tackle this issue somehow in OpenRCT-2? Regards, Wes.
  15. This is exactly my problem. I want to design stuff I need, but if you suck at 3D modeling, it is really a pain in the ... you know what I mean.
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