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  1. A lot of computers suspect that OpenRct2 is a virus. Since OpenRct2 uses ports, weird connection stuff, and other stuff, most computers will try to block it. If it’s a problem, try turning off your antivirus, disabling firewall, or just adding OpenRct2 to your exceptions list.
  2. I like your profile pic. The vector version of the RCT1 icon.
  3. Unfortunately, this is where I’m no longer able to help. @Gymnasiast is a dev and he (or she) can help you more than I can.
  4. I tried both, none of them would get me to the current version.
  5. The current version (as of now) is #### - 7 however, I'm currently at #### - 0. Furthermore, the launcher doesn't try to fix this. Send help!!
  6. Lol true! At least it's not as bad Mcafee. Mcafee won't let you do anything on your computer.
  7. Turn it off? And then don't use the internet while you're playing? Hmm, I'm having the same issue here but the issue is my firewall blocking the connection to different networks and weird ports and stuff. I don't know how to fix it but hey...you're not alone.
  8. Does anything pop up when you click a server name?
  9. I removed all the keyboard shortcuts; only the ones that I need will have a shortcut. This is probably something you might be interested in trying.
  10. I’m asking where in game I can find the catwalk and use it for rides.
  11. I’ve seen a lot of rides have a catwalk and I wonder to myself, “how did they get that?” So I went to the tile-inspector and checked the square. The catwalk sprite existed and the tile-inspector saw that it exsisted. However, I don’t know where it is in the game.
  12. Can you code a pathway that doesn’t use a sign?
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