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  1. 1 hour ago, S-Man42 said:

    My way seems to be very strange but I don't know any better:

    For every static vehicle I build a short track (station, two turns, one straight, two turns), set entrance and exit, made them invisible, set to crooked house, opened the track (out the vehicle) and closed it.

    If you actually want a real ride vehicle, that's the way you do it. But for cars, I think most people would use scenery objects unless you want them to move.

  2. 21 hours ago, jimmychau said:

    and what is full tile small scenery? must it be roof or something? Does it has to be "properly enclosed" not just floating blocks?

    Small scenery objects have a number of flags that dictate which parts of the tile they occupy. An object can be full tile, quarter tile, half tile, 3/4 tile, or diagonal (which means it occupies two diagonally opposing quadrants of the tile).  Any full tile object will be counted as cover - it does not have to be a roof (I don't think the game makes a distinction between roofs and other scenery), and there doesn't seem to be a requirement for any walls either. If there exists a full tile object above the ride track, that tile is considered to be covered. Large scenery objects don't have these flags and cannot occupy less than a full tile.

  3. 52 minutes ago, Deurklink said:

    I think the methods I covered in my guide are the easiest ways to make rides invisible, and for me they have worked in all situations where i needed it.

    They've worked in all situations for me too. The other kind of corrupt element is mostly for vanilla compatibility - there is rarely a reason to prefer it and pretty much never a case where you'd need it. The "rides set type" command does exactly the same thing as the arbitrary ride types cheat. It used to be quicker, when you had to select the ride type through a spinner, but now that there's a dropdown I no longer use it.

  4. 2 hours ago, S-Man42 said:

    Hey sry for asking again. But I was wondering if there's a list how long each track piece is. Or is that a trial and error thing? :)

    There is in the source code. But I think most people do it by trial and error. I had a brief look at the source but going through by hand and calculating the length would take far longer than running the ride on fast forward to see if the trains get out of sync. It's a tedious process whichever way you do it - I thought about adding a console command to show track length but I never did.

  5. 3 hours ago, S-Man42 said:

    And why does it work for the LIM and not for the wild mouse: Both have no boosters.

    Because the wild mouse treats that piece as a spinning control toggle. This should be a special case; the wild mouse is the only track on which boosters will not work, because there are no boosters.  As soon as you switch the track style to wild mouse, every booster piece turns into a spinning control toggle piece.

    As for the reason why it's not reaching full speed, I don't think this is to do with the train but the track style. I think the booster acceleration is different on different tracks, but someone else would have to confirm as I've not looked at it in too much depth. If you put a longer section of booster it should reach the specified speed.

  6. 3 hours ago, S-Man42 said:

    Splitting a double dinghies train into two single cars and then let one brake on the underground where the other one is right on the turn?

    Exactly this.

    3 hours ago, S-Man42 said:

    Seems really hard (but it would be a great challenge, wouldn't it?)

    It is. That's why I'm not recommending that you do it, just pointing out that it's possible. It's a real pain to get right - the two parts of the train must cover exactly the same distance during a circuit, or they get out of sync and the ride stops working.


    3 hours ago, S-Man42 said:

    How can I add invisible cars (or in more general: different types of cars).

    There's a tutorial here. This also a more complicated hack; OpenRCT2 does not have a cheat to do it, so you'll have to use a debugger, hex editor, or similar tool to accomplish this

  7. 3 hours ago, S-Man42 said:


    2. (Steel) Wild Mouse: Brake, no booster, but has booster sprites (!) --> brake works, booster not.

    It does not have booster sprites. That's a spinning control toggle. The booster piece is actually the same track piece as the spinning control toggle, the game just changes the behaviour based on the track type. On wild mouse track, it functions as a spinning control toggle, and on everything else it behaves as a booster. This had to be done because it is impossible to add a new track piece to the game without a new save format, so they had to repurpose an existing one that most track types don't use.


    48 minutes ago, Deurklink said:

    Not all trains are coded to work with boosters. For those it may be better to use a fast chainlift. 

    What do you mean "coded to work with boosters"? Object files don't contain code. Can you give an example of a train that doesn't work?

  8. 4 hours ago, S-Man42 said:

    So I have to merge another rollercoaster type into the track.

    No you don't. You are making the track invisible anyway, so there's no reason to merge (if you use a track piece that is not supported on a given track style, it still works but the missing piece will not be drawn). In any case, the steel wild mouse track has all the same track pieces as the wooden wild mouse and does allow brakes, so I would recommend using that instead. You can always switch the track type back again after you've built the brakes (you can do the same for diagonals, or really any track piece you want - you only need to merge if the track is supposed to be visible).


    4 hours ago, S-Man42 said:

    Is it possible to make any track part a brake/booster/whatever like the chain lift?

    Unfortunately not. You can get this effect using a shoestring, but a shoestring is very complicated to set up and IMO not really worth it for something so simple.  Another option is to put brakes just after the turn, then add a few invisible cars in front of the rafts so that the brakes are hit during the turn. Of course, you then have to account for this delay everywhere else you used brakes. It's also not an easy hack to set up - unlike a shoestring this can't be done with cheats, and is less flexible but it requires a lot less trial and error.


    5 hours ago, S-Man42 said:

    In reality the rafting boats sometimes breaks after the drop by turning the boat

    This is called breaking out. Thing is, there are no eddies on your river left channel so there is no place to break out - once over the lip, the rafts aren't stopping until they wash out at the bottom. I would have the rafts follow the flow of the river, as they do now, but place brakes where the hydraulics would form, because these would slow the raft IRL.

    I'd have it drop over the first ledge and then slow down to ~15mph in the pool at the bottom. Ideally you would brake slightly in the turn before the slide, but as noted above that's not easy to do so I'd skip it and just put brakes at the bottom of the slide.  Then more brakes once they turn out of the flow. The main thing is to not have the rafts going really fast on flat water.

  9. 48 minutes ago, S-Man42 said:

    @X7123M3-256 Your last one is mind fucking. It seems to play with the perspective. But I do not get te trick. Would you explain it? How do you hide the level difference? 

    It's forced perspective - the track is not connected but the two ends are lined up so that they look connected from that angle. The ride is non-functional - I did build one that was functional, but I couldn't get it to work consistently. The synchronization has to be perfect for the illusion to still work with a train running.

  10. 1 hour ago, Wuis said:

    @X7123M3-256 I didn't mention the S-bend for this raft. But as you mentioned, the hairpin turns are kind of rough and if S-Man was planning to build another ride like this on a waterfall that has a less steep slope, the S-bend could feature as a nice manoeuvre around a rock for example.

    Yeah, I used s-bends on mine. There just isn't anywhere on OP's waterfall where one would fit.

  11. 2 hours ago, S-Man42 said:

    Hi, thanks for your suggetions. 

    Maybe I should use another roller coaster type. I took the Wooden Wild Mouse because of its tiny turns and small drops. Maybe there is another type with better (smaller) drops.

    There isn't. The wild mouse has all the smallest drops available. Also, as @Deurklink pointed out, the track type doesn't matter if you're going to make the track invisible since you can use any track piece anyway.


    1 hour ago, S-Man42 said:

    What is the benefit of the S-Bend to 2 of these turns?

    It's not as abrupt. Having a raft that is carrying some momentum navigate hairpin turns looks very wrong because they can't do that IRL. You need to think about the physics because the game is simulating a coaster, not a raft. You have to think how a raft would behave and try to mimic it.

    But I don't think you need to insert an S-bend anywhere on that course, the hairpin turns are fine. The rafts should not be carrying too much speed through the dogleg because the preceding drop is near vertical and most of the energy would be absorbed in the landing (which is why I suggest adding brakes). Following the large slide at the end of the rapid the rafts are going very fast, but even a large turn looks out of place here - they should continue straight for a few tiles until they have slowed down.


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  12. That looks like a terrifying section of rapid to be running in a raft. That first drop onto rock and the siphons on either side of it do not look pleasant.

    I'd suggest you put brakes at the base of the drops because the rafts aren't losing their speed quickly enough.  They should accelerate down the drop and then slow down quickly at the bottom. Another thing you can do is to put another loop of dinghy slide track running on test mode underground. The noise the boats make sounds a lot like rushing water.

  13. 46 minutes ago, RobWhlkRT12P said:

    Hello again, X7123M3-256!

    RMC style inversion track sections should get made, and admended onto G2.DAT.

    Thank You!

    The plan is to add all the relevant track pieces. Loops, half loops, large half loops, corkscrews, barrel rolls, quarter loops, and large steep-to-flat are still to go in. S-bends and helices were added since this post was made. But I'm not working on it right now, I don't have much time available and it's not really worth it for something most people won't want. I'll revisit it when there's a new save format.

    48 minutes ago, Deurklink said:

    ORCT2 New Track Sections file to see what we'd need...

    Wait, what file is this?

    44 minutes ago, Deurklink said:

    Even then, it would need to be included in OpenRCT2 source files. And that's something the devs don't want to do yet for several reasons.

    That's exactly what I did. This is a fork of the game, not develop.

  14. Just now, RobWhlkRT12P said:

    RMCs should be capable to have loops, corkscrews, overbanked turns, and barrelrolls.  These elements are also on GCI models.

    No RMC currently has a loop, and the game doesn't have overbanked turns so those aren't an option. Only corkscrews and barrel rolls are conspicuously absent, but I don't have those pieces on the RMC track yet so I had to do a layout without them. There are two RMCs without inversions so it's not that unrealistic.

  15. You're missing two steps. Firstly, it doesn't look like you actually merged the tracks. In the final screenshot, you need to click the build track button so that you have a junior piece overlapping with the first wooden piece. Then you select the end of the wooden track and do the same.


    Secondly, you need to put the ride in boat hire mode so it will let you open it with an incomplete circuit, or else complete the circuit with a dummy track.

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  16. 7 hours ago, isometricosahedron said:

    Bumping to ask a question: is the Tile Inspector used to create intersecting pieces of scenery or rides?

    It can be but it's not always necessary. If you want intersecting scenery it's much easier to use zero clearance than the tile inspector.  The tile inspector is often necessary for track if you want to place tracks at intervals of 0.75m instead of 1.5m, of if you're placing them in such a way that they would otherwise merge and make it impossible to get them where you want.

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  17. It's not that it's unbalanced, it's that different scenarios can have a bias one way or the other. In other scenarios, peeps favour gentle rides, and the thrill rides won't attract many riders. You could test the save in vanilla RCT2 to see if the behaviour differs significantly, which would indicate an issue, but this doesn't sound like there's anything wrong with the AI.

    If you would prefer the peeps to favour gentle rides, you can edit the scenario options to make that so. The scenario options window is accessible from the debug menu - select "guests prefer less intense rides". I'm pretty sure this only affects new guests and not those already in the park, so it might take a while for you to start seeing the changes.

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