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  1. Lighting effects are not supported in OpenGL mode, you have to set the render mode to "Software (hardware display)". That was also the response you received when you reported this on Github; you don't need to duplicate every issue here.

  2. You already requested this on Github and got a response (did you read it?). This would be a lot of work because OpenGL ES is different from OpenGL - they would have to write a whole new rendering backend, and remember, there aren't many people working on the Android build. If you really want this (or any of the other 5000 other features you've requested over the last few days), you're welcome to implement it yourself and submit a PR.

    You don't need to spam the same requests over and over again on different channels - if it's already reported on Github that's enough.

  3. IIRC, a dark red bubble means it can't connect (check that you have the correct IP address and port number, and that port forwarding is set up if you're not on the same LAN), while a bright red means that you have incompatible versions of the game (make sure that you're both on either the latest release version, or latest develop).

    It doesn't matter what operating system you are using; there should be no problem with a Windows computer connecting to a Mac server or vice versa.

  4. 4 hours ago, jessicajones said:

    basic forum etiquette also means not telling other people what to do.

    You think calling the developers "fucking retards" is OK but asking you not to spam them with emails isn't? You know that @Gymnasiast is on the development team right?

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  5. 6 minutes ago, jessicajones said:

    why is the game even compiled for android then?

    Because it can be? It's not too hard to make an Android build for people who might want one. The Android builds have broken for extended periods in the past because they're not really being maintained, it's never been a particularly high priority for the developers, but if you want one you can have one. There's a reason it isn't used much.

  6. Those screenshots don't show custom rides - that's a hack that lets you use vehicles from multiple different rides in one train.

    While it's possible to do that kind of thing to a limited extent using custom rides, I don't see the point since it is not necessary. A tool to make the hack easier would be much more useful than a tool that makes custom rides which would in most cases only be useful for one specific park and would just clutter up people's object selection. Also, as I said, the trains shown in those pictures can't be made using a custom ride - you're much more limited if you do it that way.

  7. Yes, I said that when I said when you first asked about the Android version. It's hard to play with a touchscreen because the UI is designed for a mouse - therefore, unless you can plug in a mouse, it's not very usable on Android. That's why very few people use it.

  8. 10 minutes ago, jessicajones said:

    the custom content folder has many subfolders: in which one do I need to put the dat files?

    Can you post a screenshot? The custom content folder shouldn't have subfolders unless you created them, I wonder if you're looking in the right place. Is this the folder you open when you click the button in game? If so, just place the .DAT files directly in that folder - I'm not sure how the subfolders got there.

  9. It depends what is really meant by a custom ride creation tool. Do you mean a tool that would just take sprites and wrap them up into a DAT (similar to Buggy's tool)? I don't think that would be a terrible idea (OpenRCT2 already has built in functionality for building g2.dat which could be adapted), but the JSON object format would likely make it obsolete pretty soon. Or do you mean a tool that automates the entire rendering process like mine does? I think that's well outside the scope of what should be included with the game and should remain a separate tool. It would share very little code with the rest of OpenRCT2 and likely introduce additional dependencies.

    I am not sure what you mean by "glue together parts of existing rides". Do you mean a train that is made up of vehicles from different ride types? You can actually do that without creating a custom ride - and in fact, it's more flexible that way, as the trains I show in those screenshots cannot be made as a custom ride (you have a maximum of four vehicles per DAT file and can't specify an arbitrary arrangement - this hack circumvents that restriction). However, this isn't an easy hack to pull off.

  10. What he is suggesting is that you navigate to the OpenRCT2 folder (which will probably be in Documents, if you are on Windows), and unzip it there. It's set up so that doing that will directly place the .DAT files and the track designs into the right folders.

    However, if this is confusing you, I would unzip the folder somewhere else, and then copy the DAT files into the custom content folder (and the track designs into the track folder, if you want those as well). It will make no difference how you install it.

  11. A full tutorial is probably out of scope of a forum post, so I'd suggest asking more specific questions, starting with what ride you have in mind. SpaceK has written a brief introduction focused on my ride generator program, but because that program was designed to abstract away the actual rendering process as much as possible, it is not of much use unless you intend to use that program (my recommendation is that you don't, but it is what SpaceK uses and he's by far the most active custom ride creator at the moment).

    The only comprehensive introduction to the topic is Amazing Earl's tutorial. It is worth a read, as it outlines the basic process, but it has some bad info and I don't recommend actually creating rides the way he describes because it is incredibly tedious. I would read that first and then ask more specific questions. Your options for custom ride creation tools at the moment are:

    • Buggy's Ridemaker - This is by far the oldest, and probably the only one which could be considered finished. However, all it does is take an existing ride and swap out the sprites - so it is very limited in what it can do. You can't change the number of riders per car, or the spacing between cars, or the arrangement of vehicles in the train, so it only works if your ride is quite similar to an existing one (Amazing Earl will tell you that it's not possible to change these things, but he is wrong).
    • My ride generator - I wrote this tool to automate the ride creation process. Unlike Buggy's ridemaker (which requires you to create all the sprites yourself), this tool allows you to load a 3D model and it handles the rendering process automatically. It is also a lot less limited than Buggy's tool because it creates the ride from scratch instead of swapping out existing sprites. However, the quality of the output is poor, and there are a lot of bugs - this program was never properly finished and I eventually abandoned it.
    • Oli414's Blender addon - This is an extension for Blender that automates the rendering of sprites for RCT2. It includes a premade lighting and camera setup, and a Python script which can automatically generate the hundreds (sometimes thousands) of sprites required for a custom ride. It's pretty easy to install and use, couldn't be considered finished but is a lot more stable than my tool, and I think it's your best bet. A big limitation is that it cannot actually generate a DAT file - it only handles the rendering of the sprites. However, if you use OpenRCT2 it is not strictly necessary to do this, as OpenRCT2 now has a JSON based object format that you can use instead. This could also be used in conjunction with Buggy's ridemaker to create a DAT, but you would then be subject to the limitations that that tool has.


  12. I don't plan to implement this right now - I have my own feature that I'm working on at the moment and it's likely to be a while before I'm done with that. This doesn't look like an especially difficult thing to do though, especially as the game apparently already has the snow sprite. Maybe when I'm done with the custom track I could have a look at it (and resubmit my old code for the powered ride cheat).

    I can see the issue you opened but it was closed as a duplicate. Sorry about that, I told you it wasn't a duplicate because the issue I found had been closed,  but there was an even earlier open issue from 2015 that I'd missed.

  13. 2 minutes ago, jessicajones said:

    The game wants to run and then android says: program has stopped.

    That sounds less like missing data files and more like the program just doesn't work. Whether that has to do with your Android version or something else I do not know, I don't think I can really help you much more since I'm only going by what's written on that Github help page. If you don't get another response on here, I would suggest asking on the Gitter.

    The first thing I would try to do is try to get a stack trace. I'm not sure how to do that on Android, I guess it involves ADB.

  14. I don't have a lot of ideas because I've never used the Android version (few people do) and I'm not very familiar with Android either. At this point you are probably better asking on Gitter or waiting for another response on here. 

    The only thing I can think of is that you copied the files across incorrectly. Did you copy the `data` folder itself into /storage/emulated/0/openrct2, or did you just copy the contents? I'm not sure which is the right thing to do, honestly, but try both. 

    Yes, I would definitely fill in the correct path in config.ini

  15. 10 minutes ago, jessicajones said:

    why can't the developers include the openrct2 data files inside the android version?

    I don't know, I'm not familiar with Android development.



    10 minutes ago, jessicajones said:

    Does it matter if I copy the x86 or x64 openrct2 data file to android? Will both work?

    It doesn't matter, they should be the same - I'm not sure why you would have two copies of the data files in the first place to be honest.

    Wait, are you trying to copy the executable?

  16. 14 minutes ago, jessicajones said:

    I have no idea what to ask there

    Just write a brief description of the feature, suggestion, bug, or whatever. You may want to include the link to the old issue for context. If you report a bug make sure you specify the version of the game you are using and the steps needed to reproduce it, otherwise the bug report is of little use.

    4 minutes ago, jessicajones said:

    why is it made and not added?

    From what I can tell, the guy who made it submitted a PR, but there were issues, and he ended up deleting it instead of fixing them. It's sometimes the case that a PR is submitted, but there are problems (e.g it doesn't merge cleanly with develop, doesn't compile on all platforms, etc), and can't be merged straight away. I had a feature I implemented to let you change the speed of powered rides, which was never merged because I messed up the rebase and never got around to creating a new PR.

    8 minutes ago, jessicajones said:

    Can you ask a developer if he can add it?

    As far as I can tell, the guy who submitted it later deleted the code (not sure why), and it was not suitable for merging in its current state anyway. If it was just a matter of merging it, that would have been done back then, there was still more work required. Also, this was in 2016, and the codebase has changed a lot since then (back then it was mostly C, it's now C++), so a refactor would likely be required.

    Also, I am no more capable of asking the developers things as you are.

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  17. 1 minute ago, jessicajones said:

    If it's possible, can you send me a exe for windows?

    I don't have an executable for Windows because I don't use Windows - I only have a Linux executable. If you want a Windows binary, your best bet is to ask @Spacek because I know he has compiled this program for Windows.

    SpaceK has also written a guide on how to compile the program and general use of the tool here. The compilation process is much easier on Linux, Windows is a pain in the ass. I had originally planned for the program to be easier to use, but as I said, it was never finished and became too buggy to continue working on. The rewrite has been long overdue, but has barely started and probably won't be done for a while. I am also working on custom RMC track and an updated RMC train model which is taking up most of my time at the moment. The new version will probably be more basic, but less buggy and with much higher quality output. As I did with the original tool, I'll probably add functionality as I need it.

    This is the alternative tool to which I referred - https://github.com/oli414/Blender-RCT-Graphics. It only renders the graphics (it won't create a DAT), but it does a much better job of it, and with OpenRCT2's support for JSON objects, you don't actually need to create a DAT file to get them in the game.

    As a side note, if you are unable to get a suitable tool running, you can send me your 3D models and I can make them into a custom object on my end.

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