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  1. 3 minutes ago, jessicajones said:

    Do I lose my save games each time I update openrct2?


    No, you shouldn't lose any savegames unless you explicitly delete them. The launcher will overwrite the openrct2.exe executable and the OpenRCT2 data files, but not the user data like scenarios, track designs or custom objects.

    If you are changing the OpenRCT2 data files (this means g2.dat and/or the JSON objects), you'll want to either keep them separate from the launcher or not use the launcher at all, but you shouldn't need to change them unless you're adding new features to the game.

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  2. 2 minutes ago, jessicajones said:

    I mean: could bugs for the rct1 parks prevent to complete a scenario?

    I don't think so, they should all be playable - just missing certain rides and land textures that were present in the originals.

  3. That page you linked is all the information I have as I have not used the Android port. It says to place the RCT2 assets (if you have OpenRCT2 working already, you can look in config.ini to see where these are located - otherwise, it's the folder that contains rct2.exe) in storage/emulated/0/rct2, and the OpenRCT2 data files (i.e g2.dat and the JSON objects) in /storage/emulated/0/openrct2.

    The Android version should also support RCT1 as it is exactly the same as the desktop version, but that page doesn't say where the RCT1 assets should be placed. I guess you could try /storage/emulated/0/rct1, but if that doesn't work you can try asking on the Gitter (or wait and see if someone else gets back to you on here).

  4. 3 hours ago, jessicajones said:

    what exactly does it do?

    It will automatically download and install the latest build of OpenRCT2 if there has been an update since you last played the game, and then launch the game. It's just a helper tool to keep the game up to date (since updates are frequent) - the version of OpenRCT2 that you get is the same one you would get downloading directly from the website. It also lets you switch between develop and release builds easily.

    As for installation, I think you just unzip the folder and run the executable, but I haven't actually used it in a long time, there might be some additional step.

  5. 3 hours ago, jessicajones said:

    I downloaded them but to what folder of openrct2 or rollercoaster tycoon 2 do I need to copy those?

    Go to the red toolbox, select on "Open custom content folder", and it should direct you to the correct place. On Windows this will be Documents/OpenRCT2/object, and on Linux it's ~/.config/OpenRCT2/object.

    3 hours ago, jessicajones said:

    I'm not a developer and I can't make a program of the source code. Is this program available somewhere to download?

    I wrote that program. Why can't you compile it? Do you get any errors? Are there files missing? Or do you have a binary that just crashes? That program was never quite finished, and is a buggy mess, so I wouldn't be surprised if it just segfaults on you, honestly, but I know that it has been successfully used by SpaceK (and me, of course). Also, the renderer is pretty poor quality - you're probably better off using Oli414's Blender addon instead.

    The link you posted is the only download link I have for that program (I post all my stuff on Github). It should contain all the source code, and if stuff is missing I can try to fix it but honestly it's been years since I've looked at it and I'm currently in the process of writing a new version.

  6. I'm pretty sure the lighting effects only work with the rendering mode set to "Software (hardware display)" and not with the OpenGL renderer. That was definitely the case when they were first added, and I have just tested on a very recent develop build, and cannot enable the lighting effects in OpenGL mode. If I enable them and then switch to OpenGL, they do not function.

    However, I was told by one of the developers recently that they did work with OpenGL - though that might have been in error. You could always submit an issue querying it. Also, the light effects were severely broken until a couple of months ago - so if you are using a release build you will want to switch to develop if you plan to use them.

  7. 2 hours ago, jessicajones said:

    Does this mean openrct2 can also play all scenarios of RCT1?


    Yes. But they'll be opened in RCT2, so they won't be identical to the originals (some RCT1 rides weren't in RCT2, for example). I believe that improved RCT1 support is planned, but some features will require the new save format (which is currently being worked on).


    2 hours ago, jessicajones said:

    Are all expansions of RCT1 and RCT2 supported too?

    Expansions for RCT2 are supported (since they're just a collection of content with no actual changes to the game, there's no way they wouldn't be). I'm not sure what the expansions for RCT1 were - as I understand it OpenRCT2 should be able to open all RCT1 parks.

  8. 1 hour ago, jessicajones said:

    - what tools were used to reverse engineer the game executable? I'm interested to know the background of this!

    Disassemblers are the tools used for this kind of reverse engineering. The OpenRCT2 wiki mentions both IDA and OllyDbg, so I assume these were the main tools used. I wasn't involved with the reverse engineering so I don't know the details. (I did start disassembling some code but stopped when I realized it wasn't the one I wanted. IIRC the code I was actually after was among the last to be decompiled).

    1 hour ago, jessicajones said:

    Are there plans to make complete free assets so the game does NOT use the original game's data anymore?

    Anyone could do it. So far, nobody has done. There exists an OpenGraphics repository, but it only contains four rides and hasn't been updated in three years. There's over a hundred thousand sprites in g1.dat alone, so this would be a big project.

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  9. It is possible to install OpenRCT2 on Android, but few people do because it's hard to play on a touchscreen. 

    The Android port isn't very well maintained because so few people use it, and the last release version I can find with an Android build available is almost two years old, so you might have to compile from source (unless there's a more recent binary out there somewhere). This page has more information, including the correct location for the RCT2 asset files, which will have to be copied onto your device.

  10. I'm pretty sure the files on disk are in an archive format and need to be extracted before they can be used with OpenRCT2; I don't think pointing OpenRCT2 directly at the disk will work. If you are able to run the installer, this is likely the easiest way to get the files you need (all it really does is extract the files and copy them to disk), but if you can't run the installer because you're not on Windows, you should be able to use other archive software to extract the files. Just check what format they're in (I think it might be *.CAB) and look for archive software that can open it.

    If the files are not in an archive, then you can use them directly. You want to select the directory which contains the rct2.exe executable (which you don't actually need), and the subdirectories"Data" and "ObjData".

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  11. OpenRCT2 was written by reverse engineering the original game executable and reimplementing it in C (and later C++). The original RCT2 source code was never available to the OpenRCT2 developers; they worked only from the binary.

    For the first two years of its existence, the OpenRCT2 code would call into the RCT2 binary for any functions that had not yet been rewritten, allowing the game to be reimplemented piece by piece while retaining full functionality. By the end of 2016, all the original code had been replaced. OpenRCT2 is now completely independent of the RCT2 code, but still uses the assets from the vanilla game.

  12. They're not missing, they aren't supported. I think the only RCT1 sprites that OpenRCT2 currently supports are the wall types, but this may change in future. 

    You could make the paths into a custom object and use them in RCT2 that way - someone may have already done this, but I don't know. RCT1 paths work a bit differently to RCT2 paths though, so it wouldn't be exactly the same.

  13. 1 hour ago, Oof20187 said:

    It still gives me Cannot find Data\g1.dat when i pick Data in Vanilla RCT2

    That's the wrong folder to pick - you want to select the folder containing the Data folder (which also contains the ObjData folder). It will probably be called "RollerCoaster Tycoon 2".

  14. 37 minutes ago, jensj12 said:

    There are currently two options that don't require any changes to the game:

    • Make custom stall object with a small building. It won't be able to sell multiple types of items, so you'll need a custom stall for every item you want to sell in your park.

    Why make a custom object if you're just going to hide it? Just use one of the preexisting invisible stall objects, or hide a default stall with the tile inspector. If what you want is a more generic looking shop and not an invisible shop, then make a custom object (I haven't seen one of these but I've always wanted one; they were in RCT3. Maybe I should make one sometime).

  15. How many objects do you have selected in total? There's a limit on the number of scenery items you can select, and if it's exceeded you may still be able to select   the scenery groups but not all the items in them. You should get a warning message when you select the scenery group if there are items that could not be selected.

  16. What do you mean by sandbox? If you just want a blank map, you can create one in the scenario editor. You can also set it to have no money or objective (OpenRCT2 adds a "Have Fun" objective that isn't in vanilla).

    OpenRCT2 does have a "sandbox mode", which is accessible from the cheats menu, but it has a specific meaning - in OpenRCT2 "sandbox mode" lets you edit land ownership and park map size during normal gameplay.

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  17. SpaceK made an RMC raptor train so I decided to have a go at building one. I had great difficulty getting the custom supports to line up right, so it doesn't look that great, but I do like the custom train.



  18. All the diagonal paths I've seen are made using scenery to fill in the gaps on a normal path. You can find some scenery objects like that in the Xtreme97 workbench. It is possible to create a path DAT that has diagonal sprites built in, but I haven't actually seen any. The downside of doing it that way is that it's then impossible to build a sharp corner - the idea is that the diagonal sprite would replace the normal corner sprites, such that a zig-zag path appears as a smooth diagonal. It wouldn't affect how the guests behave, they would still walk in a zig zag fashion.


    If I ever make a custom path DAT, then I would probably provide a diagonal version of it, because placing diagonal path scenery objects manually is tedious. But I am currently working on my custom RMC track so I'm not going to do that now.

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  19. 5 hours ago, RollerBoaster said:

    Are diagonal paths indeed possible?

    Yes, sort of. You can have a path which has diagonal sprites, but guests still treat it as a normal path (they won't walk along it diagonally). Because it's exactly the same as a normal path except for the sprites, it will not cause issues with the peep AI.

    5 hours ago, RollerBoaster said:

    How do you do them and a thought / other workaround can you also do a jagged normal path and fill it out to look like diagonal path with scenery path triangles. Has anybody made said triangles?

    Yes, that's what most people do. It's far more common than custom paths which have diagonal sprites built in (I've never actually seen the latter, I just know it can be done).




    Yes, that's what most people do.

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