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  1. Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 isn't really discussed here because this is a website for OpenRCT2, not RCT in general. You can find RCT3 players on other sites such as RCT Go.

    6 hours ago, Classicpcgamer said:

    i'd appreciate at least a coaster cam

    It should be obvious that adding a coaster cam to OpenRCT2's existing isometric renderer is entirely impossible. There is a guy experimenting with a 3D rendering backend that supports it, but for this to be made fully functional, every existing asset would need to be replaced with a 3D model, which may one day happen but isn't likely any time soon.

  2. On 28/05/2020 at 07:21, Kevinjames said:

    I see that RCT Classic is RCT 1&2 combined

    It's not, it's based on RCT2. RCT Classic will work with OpenRCT2, but if you want the RCT1 assets you would need to link RCT1 separately. Also, I'm not sure if OpenRCT2 can load the scenarios from RCT Classic yet - unless you already have RCT Classic but not vanilla RCT2, you probably want to use RCT2.

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  3. Just now, MattKnill said:

    I have downloaded the installer and zip files for Windows 10 64 bit, and the game downloads in the installer then asks for a location at the end, I click on the game folder and it says it isn't found. I need help

    The directory you want to select is the one that contains rct2.exe and the "Data" and "ObjData" folders.

  4. OpenRCT2 supports Mac OS 10.14 and above. If you're on an older version you would need to either update your OS or use the release version of OpenRCT2 (which still supports older Mac OS for now, but the next release won't).

    If you have trouble downloading the vanilla game files from Steam, you can follow the guide here, or use the demo version which also works.

  5. 2 hours ago, MichealFunickrr said:

    If the site comes back up can you help me in how to make an account? There's no signup I've seen. I can't even find images of what stuff on the site. I was told there are  what's called workbenches & sc6 files.

    Here is what the homepage looked like. The sign up link is in the top left corner above the search bar. You won't be able to access it or anything else on the site until it comes back online.

  6. Either delete one track and rebuild, or use a script to change the ride ID for all the track pieces belonging to one ride (this might be something the plugin system can do, IDK) There is no built in facility to make two rides into one.


    Another option is to keep them as separate rides but use a track merge to connect them. This will probably only work if you disable the block system.

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  7. Yes, you can do this. In fact, the prebuilt wooden design "Great White Wail" makes use of this trick. In order to make the lifthill not count as a block, remove the chain lift from the topmost track piece (the gentle slope to level). It may take some experimentation to get the timing right.

  8. If you are talking about the custom RMC track type, that is done with a modified version of the game and will not work with the official version. The source code for that is available here.

    Lots of people build RMCs by either layering steel track (typically twister or LIM coaster track) on top of wooden coaster track using zero clearance, or building wooden supports underneath with scenery. You can look at the recent Deurklink contest for examples of RMCs built in OpenRCT2.

  9. 13 minutes ago, nevetsocsiv said:

    I'm sorry, I just reread all of our conversation and I totally missed the other link you sent. I am trying the binary now and I'm sure it will work. Thanks for helping and being patient with me.

    I gather this is something you are still working on? Is the goal to make it regularly available content? I was planning on keeping an eye on your New Elements page to see when your projects are available for download (looking forward to the Raptor and Intamin double spine).

    Yes, this is still a work in progress, and in fact I'm working on it right now. The binary build that I linked is a month old, and quite a bit more has been done since then, but I estimate another month until completion.

    The end goal is to get the custom track merged to develop. That's the only way it will be "regularly available" since custom track types require a modified OpenRCT2 executable that is otherwise not compatible with the official game, and this isn't really practical for widespread use. I make the code available for people to play around with, but I don't expect anyone to replace their existing OpenRCT2 install with this one anytime soon.


  10. Just now, nevetsocsiv said:

    I'm pretty sure I am using the precompiled binary build, so I guess I just downloaded the wrong thing. What link was I supposed to click? There is a lot going on on that page.

     The Github page that you posted a screenshot of (the first link I posted) is for the source code, not the precompiled binary. You use that if you want to build the code from source. If you want a precompiled binary, you won't find it on that page - the openrct2.exe executable that's in there was last updated in 2015, and honestly I don't know why it's there, but it's certainly not what you want.

    The precompiled binary version can be downloaded from this link instead, as I said previously. This was compiled by someone else about a month ago; I know that several people have downloaded this and had it work but I haven't tested it myself. For this version, all you should have to do is unzip and run openrct2.exe.

  11. Just now, nevetsocsiv said:

    I think I did it right... was this the button I needed to click?

    That link is for the source code - you can download either the source or the binary but obviously, source code needs to be compiled before use - my comment above assumed you were using the precompiled binary build. You can find build instructions for all supported platforms here - the procedure is no different, but I will need to send you the latest set of track sprites so you can build g2.dat (they're not in the Git repository because they are updated so frequently).

  12. Just now, nevetsocsiv said:

    I was able to get the train, and I downloaded the track from the link you sent... how do I actually use that folder (I'm very new to all of this).

    If you downloaded the binary build, you just unzip it and run openrct2.exe. You will need to enable the "allow arbitrary ride type changes" cheat in order to see the custom track, as there is no custom train that uses it yet.

  13. 1 hour ago, chewey said:

    running cost related entries in rct2.golf1.json…

    It's not in the JSON file, it would be in the source code somewhere (probably in RideData.cpp but I haven't checked). Changing it is definitely within the scope of OpenRCT2 but if it was indeed this way in vanilla I'd question whether it's really a bug; you could open a PR for it and see what they say.

  14. 1 hour ago, Nothgirb95 said:

    I'm still getting and error saying "OpenRCT2 quit unexpectedly" immediately every time I try to launch.

    If you get this error message, it's not because you are missing the RCT2 files; the game crashed. Maybe try a different version?

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