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  1. 5 hours ago, RollerBoaster said:

    Are diagonal paths indeed possible?

    Yes, sort of. You can have a path which has diagonal sprites, but guests still treat it as a normal path (they won't walk along it diagonally). Because it's exactly the same as a normal path except for the sprites, it will not cause issues with the peep AI.

    5 hours ago, RollerBoaster said:

    How do you do them and a thought / other workaround can you also do a jagged normal path and fill it out to look like diagonal path with scenery path triangles. Has anybody made said triangles?

    Yes, that's what most people do. It's far more common than custom paths which have diagonal sprites built in (I've never actually seen the latter, I just know it can be done).




    Yes, that's what most people do.

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  2. 1 hour ago, RollerBoaster said:

    can you share games/scenarios with these tweaks in, ie if you tweak the mass will it keep that saved?


    Yes, you can share saved games that have modified train mass.

    The train mass is saved as part of the train, not the ride, so doing anything that causes the trains to respawn, such as going into construction mode or clicking the close button twice, will reset the mass back to the default. If you want to edit the train mass permanently you would have to change the custom object DAT file.

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  3. 11 hours ago, Ruedii said:

    Yeah, while it is likely possible on the current save format

    It's definitely possible because it has already been done. I don't know why the devs rejected it, I think it's a nice feature.

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  4. 21 hours ago, Ruedii said:

    Yeah, I just thought that might be an issue because of missing image files.

    I wasn't talking about the images. Unlike lift hills, brakes are considered distinct track pieces, so if you wanted to allow brakes on every track piece you'd have to create a braked version of every track piece. That can't be done until we have a new save format (although if we did have a new save format, we could make it so that brakes are handled the same way as lift hills rather than creating two versions of every single track piece).

    21 hours ago, Ruedii said:

    As of save format, I'd have to check if there are still unused designation codes for track pieces types.

    I already checked, there aren't. We have a few slots for new track types, but none for new elements.


    21 hours ago, Ruedii said:

    As of the issue of block breaks always slowing the train to a near stop, we could in theory treat them as regular breaks for this function (having a speed) and set a default identical to what the original RCT series uses if the value it puts there is found.  I'd have to inspect the save file format to see if the appropriate field is free for that tile, but I suspect it is. 

    This is possible and has already been implemented, but the PR was never merged.

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  5. Is it possible? Sure. But it essentially means having staff that abuse the game mechanics for you. In real life, a park cannot calculate exactly how much guests are willing to pay from the ride stats, and closing and reopening a ride does not magically make guests think it's new.


    If you start looking at how the game works internally,  you can take advantage of that knowledge to maximize profit, but I don't think having the option to automate that process is a good idea unless it is to be considered as a cheat.

  6. Validating the SHA-256 checksums shown on a download page doesn't confirm that a download is not malicious - anyone that could tamper with the download page could just change the checksum to match. That's why digital signatures exist.

    That said, this is almost certainly a false positive. It's a common issue. If you got the binary from the official site (openrct2.io) or this site, and the browser didn't warn you about an insecure connection then I wouldn't be concerned.

  7. 7 hours ago, RollerBoaster said:

    One way to not break existing rides with changes to the current build might be to make any improved physics versions their own ride type so that any existing rides aren't changed.

    I think a better option is to make improved physics a setting that players can select in the options window - otherwise there would be two versions of every ride, which would clutter the ride selection menu.

  8. 7 hours ago, RollerBoaster said:

    Does anybody know if ORCT will crash if there are duplicated core game objects in the custom objects ORCT folder? If not you could just copy the whole objects folder over, however by selecting all and copy-pasting and selecting 'no' to copying over any duplicates so as to not delete/change any other files already there.

    It should not crash. If it does, report it as a bug. If you want your OpenRCT2 and vanilla install to have the same set of objects available, I would create a symbolic link so that both games are reading the same folder. If you copy the contents across manually, they can get out of sync again.


    7 hours ago, RollerBoaster said:

    The only possible problems are object limits- I wonder if ORCT has ended up with a lower limits cap- and duplication (files being in both vanilla and orct object folders)

    OpenRCT2 does not read the vanilla folder and vanilla doesn't read the OpenRCT2 one, and I don't think there's a limit on how many custom objects you can have installed anyway, so this shouldn't be an issue.

    7 hours ago, RollerBoaster said:

    if anything has a newer version of a file in future- if I didn't know it may only get updated in one folder.

    There is no update mechanism for objects. If you open a park that contains a new version of an object you already have, the updated object will either be installed alongside the original or not at all (depending on whether the checksums match or not). The game has no way to tell which version of an object file is newer, and neither can you, which is a bit annoying.

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  9. 3 hours ago, RollerBoaster said:

    sometimes you need to open parks with embedded custom items in both your vanilla RCT AND ORCT to have the items appear in both vanilla and ORCT's scenario editor

    Not sometimes, always. OpenRCT2 will not read custom objects from your vanilla RCT2 install at all. Custom objects for OpenRCT2 need to be installed in your OpenRCT2/object folder (either manually or by opening a park which contains them). Objects in your vanilla ObjData folder will not be copied there by default - OpenRCT2 does not check for custom objects in that folder (it did in the past, which might be the source of your confusion - it was changed when the JSON objects were introduced).

    If you play both vanilla and OpenRCT2, you need to install custom objects in both places to use them in both games. You should be able to solve this problem by symlinking your OpenRCT2 object folder to your RCT2 ObjData folder, but I have not tried this.




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  10. MAC addresses are link layer addresses. The server cannot see the MAC address of computers that connect unless it is running on the same LAN, so you would have to rely on the client sending this information (and the client can lie). The MAC address can simply be spoofed to circumvent the ban. IP bans have been discussed before, this has the same issues.

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  11. 9 hours ago, Version1 said:

    What happened to that? I think it was a move in the right direction to make them more viable in game again.


    From reading that thread it looks like it was reverted because it's different to vanilla behaviour and therefore might break existing saves. There is a pending PR that implements similar functionality, but it's been there for more than a year and does not look like it's going to be merged anytime soon.

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  12. On 06/05/2019 at 22:33, Terrycruz69 said:

    Every time I try and go to the contents page of steam there is no "steam_osx -console

    No, that's the command you have to run from the terminal to start the Steam GUI with the console enabled. Once you've done that, there should be a tab in Steam called "CONSOLE" and in that you run:

    download_depot 285330 285331

    to download the game (this is quoted straight off the help page, I haven't actually tried this). If you're struggling with this you can try installing OpenRCT2 using the demo version instead of the one from Steam (but this means you won't be able to play vanilla).

    12 hours ago, Terrycruz69 said:

    Is there a useful link to Wine? Every time I try and go to the contents page of steam there is no "steam_osx -console

    You can download the Mac version of Wine from here (you probably want the stable build). You can use Wine to run the Windows version of the Steam client, which should allow you to download the game without having to use the console. You will also need Wine if you want to play the vanilla game (and not just OpenRCT2) on Mac.


    1 hour ago, SK_Productions said:

    So then I decided to reinstall the original game and replace the g2.dat with a fresh one.

    g2.dat is part of OpenRCT2, it has nothing to do with the original game. If your g2.dat has been corrupted somehow, reinstalling OpenRCT2 should fix it. If it doesn't, something odd is going on.

  14. 2 hours ago, aph377 said:

    I have been playing RCT2 for many years and had many saved games.  When I installed OpenRCT, all of my saved games were erased.  I know there isn't anything I can do about it now. Just wanted to bring it to your attention.

    Are you sure they were erased or do they just not show up when playing OpenRCT2?


    Also, you could try file recovery software - I have successfully recovered deleted files before.

  15. 2 hours ago, Gymnasiast said:

    One question: is this still Intamin track? I don't recognise the track style, and searching on the internet only seems to return a track style that looks like RCT's Giga Coaster.

    This is Intamin double spine track, first used on Intimidator 305 and now frequently seen on Intamin's larger rides such as Skyrush, Red Force and Flying Aces. They still use the classic triple-rail track for smaller installations.

    I would really like to do the triple rail track as well, but it's so hard to match the existing sprites. I honestly don't think my renderer is capable of reproducing existing track with any settings - something is missing and I think it's probably the lighting. I only use one light source but it was pointed out on the Gitter that some sprites are clearly lit from multiple angles. It's such a widely used track style, I may have to give it another go.

  16. I thought I'd post another update on the state of my custom track project:

    Since the last time posted about this I have added half loops, but the most significant improvement is the use of arc length parametrization for all track piece curves, which eliminates the distortion that was previously visible on many track pieces, particularly diagonals.

    I also found that the geometry of the diagonal slopes was incorrect; fixing this has made the discontinuities between diagonal pieces much less severe.


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  17. You should update your game - the latest version has a "download all" button which will attempt to download the missing objects automatically from the NE database. Any objects not in the database you'll have to locate manually, but this will get the majority of them.

    Also, make sure "export objects with saved games" is checked so this doesn't happen again.

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