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  1. Is the ride set to Blocked sections? If so, that's one place to look and set it to continuous for the simulation.
  2. Greetings. I'm a retired mainframe systems engineer. I've been an RCT enthusiast since it first came out. When I switched to Linux, RCT was difficult to play in a virtual machine or WINE, so it faded. I'm just getting back to playing OpenRCT2 and love the game still. The work that has been done on it is amazing thanks to the developers and contributors.
  3. Miss Jessica, I can't imagine why they ignore you. It's not like you're a troll or whiner or anything like that.
  4. What are you using to determine what release you have? With nightly updates, the release number doesn't change. There's a hashed number I've seen mentioned that tells what version you are on.
  5. I am able to recreate the problem. I had a small loop railroad (Miniature RR 1), tested it and the peeps stopped and proceeded (on the first crossing after the station). I then expanded the railroad to include another stop. I tested it and the peeps stopped and did not proceed (on the same crossing). When I clicked on Construction for that ride, they proceeded. I have both scene proceeding and not proceeding saved. The original where it works is here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/13hdy1j47_CfJxjYdt08NKstDTCPiui7X/view?usp=sharing The modified track with the crossing failure i
  6. I had that same problem as did someone else. From what I understand, there is a bug ticket opened for it. I was able to get around it by altering the path to intersect with the track on the next tile over.
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