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  1. It's possible that there's a glitch in your software, but it also may be that you are "painting" over your que/exit lines. You have to be sure your entire cue line is in fact made from a "que" path (the one on the right of the two path's you're given under "footpaths"). The path on the left is an "exit" or normal "walking" path which a ride's exit should be entirely made of. All you have to do to change a path is simply click on or "paint" it and it will automatically change to what is "selected" in "paths". Sometimes, to prevent this from happening, you will be forced to select "construc
  2. I think that's a good point chill, and a good idea, but the ride_breakdown/mechanic sync is totally screwed right now... If it weren't, you would never have to do either of these things. Although i think your idea should be implemented regardless of sync problems, if anyone were to ever get around to it. But you also have to consider; what if the mechanic were set down as far away as possible from the ride he was about to fix, in this case it might be a good thing that his objective is sent to another mechanic or the next closest mechanic. Hmm or would it?
  3. Is there a reliable program that i could use to draw and create my own rides/scenery/animated inter-actable objects? If anyone had posted a reply to this... i accidentally deleted the post with the reply's because it was a duplicate. I never read the replies so please write them again thanks.
  4. How do i make an arcade with video games that peeps play? is this possible?
  5. How do i make a pool? I see how to make water and then use boat hire mode, change to swimmers, and even use "invisible entrance"... but there are tracks. Is there a better way to do this? Can i make a pool that can serve dozens at once with invisible or even no track??? Is there also a way to make a realistic pool with dozens just swimming at random for 20-30 minutes??? (this would be nice.).
  6. If i create an .sv6 file in orct2 (launcher version) while in "stable" mode (save my game/park in stable mode), will it be open-able by others just the same as if i saved it while in "develop" mode? (given that this is an identical file other than stable/develop) I'm guessing the answer is going to be yes, but i thought i'd ask.
  7. If a peep boards a ride while they are hungry, thirsty, or having to go to the bathroom, these "qualitys" will only increase while the guest is riding the ride. I am not 100% sure, but i do think these conditions increase at a greater rate while the guest is riding a ride, especially if the ride is intense... So a guest could board a ride happy with 7/8 hunger, and then dismount the ride with 100% hunger, and 100% anger because the ride itself increased their hunger/nausea/thirst twice as fast as normal... Keeping the guests fed, bathroomed, quenched, and un-noxious is a large part of being a
  8. I think it would be much easier (well at least for me) to build coasters, if the track pieces were linked to keyboard keys so one could build an entire coaster without the use of the mouse. It would be a bit complicated coming up with a schematic (which key for which piece etc.) (there are so many variables), but it seems possible. One problem i have also noticed in track building is that when you try to tilt a straight-away at 45 degrees you are automatically given a curved bank piece, or a helix. You have to click bank again for the bank to be straight. This, and some other automatic tr
  9. I'm having the same problem stef. I changed my tracked boats to free roaming boats and the boaters stay clustered near the station. This is a problem for jet skies too. It would be nice if you could define a "roaming zone" for the boats with squares similar to the way you assign handymen and mechanics coverage... It would also be nice if you could set a time limit for the boats so they come back to the station when their time is up, but all of this would have to be coded into the game. btw, lol; "these little jerks"
  10. well my biggest problem now is that i can't select more than 19 scenery groups while in the game.
  11. Wow Guys, you're right, i do i have some practice to do. I took a look at "finnwood castle" and really admire the architecture, and original coasters. I haven't been able to find any other save files of people's parks to compare myself to until now. I really wish i had some other completed parks so i could study them. Well i'll keep trying, but i am very frustrated with the lack of object selection, and a few other things so i do my best. By the way, i tried loading a blank map so i could actually try building a wing coaster and when i clicked on wing coaster it turned into twiste
  12. perhaps i will invest in a copy of rct3???
  13. These "track pieces" especially for wooden coasters are very limited. For example, it's not possible to make a straight away or straight facing hill that is tilted at 45 degrees. You can only make a banked curve or "helix" that is banked, and also only 1 loop size, what is this? I will keep practicing, but i think some of you are taking this game way too seriously.
  14. i already did make a "wing coaster"! a multi-dim coaster called "the 4th dimension".
  15. Hmmm i see someone actually read the manual. Impressive. Well i still think of shampoo when i see the name "Schwarzkopf".
  16. Funny... i thought that was a type of shampoo.
  17. Reminds you of someone else? I don't understand what you're saying. i'm still waiting to see an .sv6 file, or a better version of these scenarios. Can you even prove who did make the prefab rides? I bet you can't, so whats the difference. Sensual, i am unimpressed with your coasters. They are all the same and are all wooden. You have some general skills but how about something a little more "unusual"? Well i'm 1 message away from deleting my uploads, i'm sorry i tried.
  18. by the way, there are three parks here i'm showing you; crazy castle, bumbly bazaare, extreme heights. And then batista and fourth dimension are the two coasters i made. I don't see whats not good about these rides.
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