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  1. Ok so I did a playthrough to check that expectation, and from what I can tell, it's a fair number with the "guest generation at higher difficulty" box UNchecked. My first "final" version I posted has that box checked, which proved nearly impossible for me to reach 4000 by year 5. Here's the real final version Enjoy. Cliffside Canyon (paid entry)_final2.sc6 One last issue: My mechanic in this scenario, Bob, is a complete moron. I have a set path for him to patrol, but he always ventures wherever the hell he pleases regardless of the 4x4 squares I selected. Is this an
  2. This got way more in depth than I was expecting haha, but very appreciated. Still on the issue of paid vs. free entry tho. I've never been a huge fan of paid entry play, even tho I do realize that's more realistic. But since I haven't played that style very much, what is a fair expectation of guests within a certain time frame? My map is 125x125 minus about 30 if you don't build over water or on the mountain. Is 4000 guests by year 5 asking too much?
  3. We can assume he has a garage one square off the map Thanks for the hyper realism.
  4. I merged the two concepts, I think it looks like balcony now, without the ugly tent cover. Good idea. I made the front part of the property purchasable for construction rights, that way they can build over or under it without destroying the existing features. Here's the final version with paid entry. Does anyone think it should be pay-per-ride? Cliffside Canyon (paid entry)_final.sc6
  5. Then they can build their own damn mansion
  6. Interesting. What makes you say that? What would be the benefit? I was trying to avoid the possibility of players demolishing or building through it during gameplay, out of respect for the deceased of course
  7. Because you were nitpicking And now I'm being overly perfectionistic about the front balcony lol. Can't decide which one I like more.
  8. Thanks for the feedback. I was thinking the color scheme might be more slate if it is nearing the summit of a mountain, and less Tuscan colored. And as for the roofing, I assume most houses now have drainage valleys between two gables. Less common in high altitudes however, so I see your point.
  9. I made my attempt for a mansion, I think it came out rather well actually. Just can't decide which color scheme I like better. Opinions?
  10. I'm thinking of adding a small "mansion" near the summit of the mountain that the old man (the previous owner) lived in before passing. That would be the house he lived in with his wife who died before him, and he used the rest of his funds to build a park on his land after her passing and before his. Just a bit of backstory, and probably too much to include in the description. I'm not proficient enough to construct a house out of scenery, so maybe if someone else has an idea for it, they could submit an attempt? I'd love to see others' ideas. Maybe something like @Broxzier's amazing hous
  11. I wanted to create a park that left plenty of room for above-ground/underground options, so I came up with this. Finally finished it (I think), I keep going back and finding tiny details that I want to change. But I can't think of any more aspects that are bothering me, so now I leave it to you guys! Tell me if I should add/change anything, suggestions, improvements, etc. OH, and I made the scenario in 2 formats, free entry and paid entry. Which version do you think is more suited to the layout/feel of the park? Let me know! Scenario details: "You've inherited a plot of land separated b
  12. Recent build does not give me the error. But again, not sure if it's only on my side of things. Must have other sources to confirm.
  13. I have to force close the program thru taskmgr. Not sure if it has time to create dump files. Where would I look for them? Another update: does not have this issue for me. I can operate the object selection menu without a crash.
  14. Confirmed it on my end. I can recreate the crash if I load the working save file, access the object selection menu, check the Steel Twister Roller Coaster - Hyper-Twister Trains box, and close the window. Crashes each time. Update: I tried the same process on other scenarios, same effect. I don't know if it's just my ORCT2 that's doing it with this particular track, but for now I'm going to avoid the Hyper-Twister Trains.
  15. I did my best to pinpoint the issue. I removed all the tracks and objects from the ORCT2 folder, but still one of these save files doesn't allow me to use the inventions list. At least I found two copies of my scenario that are very similar in the in-game time frame and construction. Can't help but notice there's a difference in size of the files. Not sure if that has anything to do with it. And there's one particular track type (Steel Twister Roller Coaster - Hyper-Twister Trains) that is blank in the inventions list on the non-functioning save, and unselected on object selection in the
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