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  1. Challenge Accepted! I enjoyed it - deceptively tricky (as you might guess from the 16 years it took me!) and made me realise how much i usually use coasters for a quick cash boost! Bay Beach.sv6
  2. Thanks all some useful tips and it's nice to know it wasnt just me! i've not had the problem in another park so guess there was a small glitch somewhere. i've been more careful building paths since and am trying hard to get an appropriate number of mechanics in my parks!
  3. ok heres my save file. My rides are all broken and my mechanics cant fix them because the ride exits dont join to the paths. no idea whats happened by corkscrew i definitely put a path there! and the exit path for catseyes reached the ground on both ends the last time i looked! you can see which bits ive tried to fix by using a standard path, sometimes it works others it doesn't. thanks for looking! 50x50.sv6 ps the only custom stuff ive used in this one is the blue path and queue line...
  4. thanks for your reply! but No, ive not used any cheats at all (don't even know how to!). Just a small amount of custom scenery.
  5. Hi - i've been lurking on your forums for a little while now, mainly stealing your ideas but not needed to post until now. I've recently started having issues where my paths are randomly disconnecting from stalls and rides and wondered if anyone else has experienced this?? I've had a queue line go so badly wrong I had to delete the whole line and move the ride entrance to make it work. Then food and drink stalls toilet blocks and information all seemed to disconnect. At first i thought maybe it was the pretty coloured custom path id used so i rebuilt with the basic dirt path but the same
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