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  1. When I try to connect to the master server (https://servers.openrct2.website/) it comes up with a page that says: "Whooops! Error cleaning up the server list. If this error persists, please contact the developers" Furthermore, when I try to fetch online servers, nothing happens. No servers show up (usually there are about 15 that show up). What is happening, and is there a way to fix this issue?
  2. Finally made a 10k ft 10 excitement giga coaster
  3. If you start a server I'll make one
  4. yeah I've made 10k ft gigas in other parks and they turned out good. I still have the save if anyone wants it
  5. aww, thanks :D. If you want me to build a massive giga or a ride w/ lots of terraforming, let me know
  6. and just like irl, nobody cares!
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