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More Scenario Tabs & Built in Scenario Downloading


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I imagine this is already in the works, but this is something I'm eagerly looking forward to.I'd like the idea of new custom scenarios being places in new tabs, maybe just a CC Tab just to keep it clean, but it does hold furute possibilities like maybe competition parks for some added fun. What that also means is everything dosen't fall under the default tabs of Easy and Expert ect, and then gets lost amongst the official scenarios.Also if it's possible, downloading new scenarios through the game itself, allowing players to download them from where they're hosted and have them automatically instealled and filed under said tab. That said it just sounds like I'm lazy and don't want to unzip the files myself but, people love convinience.

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I would love to see tab customization. For me, I downloaded all of the RCT1 parks. If I had custom tabs I would make tabs for: RCT1, (possibly a ladder style tabs so these would be under the RCT1 tab:) Loopy Landscape, Corkscrew Follies. Then a RCT2 tab and expansions. Then probably a custom content tab.

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We could have a "contest" to create parks for the campaign everyone could contribute to!
It might be hard to manage, but I think this is a really cool idea!I look forward to multiple tabs though. I kinda went overboard with downloading scenarios and now my menus are kind of a mess (and I'm too lazy to sift out all the ones I don't want).
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Having custom campaigns might work as well. Everyone can create a set of scenario's, decide the order and how many uncompleted scenario's are available at one time, and then upload the scenario pack to content store. Add a tab with custom campaign where each campaign looks like a scenario (with completed/total on the right), but opens another menu of scenario selection. Basically add another level of menu selection ('start new -> tab -> campaign -> scenario' instead of 'start new -> tab -> scenario').Still I'd like to see one large official OpenRCT campaign with the 50 best scenario's.

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That would be cool, I really do like the progression style play as opposed to just having everything available. Maybe have a small Campaigns button that switches to a list of campaigns that, when selected, basically "replaces" the normal scenario list with the campaign one (maybe even the tabs, so you could basically create RCT1's whole campaign, expansions and all). Then you could continue on that campaign when you reload the game until you ended the scenario (through a button I suppose?) so it'd be just like playing through the original.I don't know the technical possibility of that, but it would be a fun addition.View image I did this silly little mock-up.

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That mock-up is not silly, it explains perfectly what I was trying to say! When you click on a campaign, the missions can just appear like normal, click on 'official campaigns' to go back. No need yet for extra buttons. Probably also add a total score for all of the missions, but we can change that after implementation.

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I haven't been here in a while but yeah, that's exactly what I was looking for.Give players the chance to create a good campaign either by giving them everything at once, or creating something like a difficulty curve like in RCT1.Granted a "Best of" competition would be a handful to manage, but you could pick out judges, but that's only going to open a whole new can of worms that we should consider once we're hitting 1.X.X, imo.

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