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  1. I had a similar issue loading the Four Seasons park in the content store, it tells me I'm missing a bunch of objects, but I've got basically every bit of content I could possibly find online.
  2. That tip about the handyman is an absolute lifesaver! Thank you for the tips.
  3. I've tried that though. I log in before I play almost every time, and it hasn't changed each time.I will try re-downloading it though kango, thanks for the tip.
  4. How exactly does it work/is it calculated? I've played solely using OpenRCT2 so far (via the Steam version), logging in each time, yet my counter on the site is far lower than my actual playtime, and seems to only have updated two or three times. I'm not too concerned about it counting properly, just wondering why it hasn't.
  5. That's a fair point, both Mew and Rune. I think having just the less intrusive ones would be nice at least, like release, think, info, etc.(Or an option to have the more intrusive ones. It's up to the streamer to enable the integration in the first place, after all.)
  6. A very very cool idea! I think that would add a great dynamic to a park.
  7. It's a lot of fun to mess with, but I can't figure out how to open the ride once I've done it. Would make for some very amusing Go Kart tracks.
  8. The launcher is downloaded here: https://openrct.net/OpenRCT2%20Launcher.applicationIt gives you a quick way to download and install the content from the OpenRCT2 "store". I haven't had much luck with it myself, since some of them are packaged incorrectly and just flat out don't work for whatever reason, but yeah.Alternatively, you just need to put the scenario files into your Scenarios folder, found in your RCT2 (not OpenRCT2) installation folder.
  9. That would be cool, I really do like the progression style play as opposed to just having everything available. Maybe have a small Campaigns button that switches to a list of campaigns that, when selected, basically "replaces" the normal scenario list with the campaign one (maybe even the tabs, so you could basically create RCT1's whole campaign, expansions and all). Then you could continue on that campaign when you reload the game until you ended the scenario (through a button I suppose?) so it'd be just like playing through the original.I don't know the technical possibility of that, but it would be a fun addition.View image I did this silly little mock-up.
  10. It might be hard to manage, but I think this is a really cool idea!I look forward to multiple tabs though. I kinda went overboard with downloading scenarios and now my menus are kind of a mess (and I'm too lazy to sift out all the ones I don't want).
  11. Sure thing! Good luck and have fun with multiplayer, hope it works out well.
  12. Really? There should be one in there. View imageAlso, it should, though you'll still need to take note of the port I believe.
  13. Make sure the port in your config file (found in the OpenRCT folder) is forwarded, or set it to a port you have forwarded, then launch the game and run your server. Your friend should then be able to connect by putting in your IP and port (for example, a heads up though, I tried it out too and it's really unstable right now, we crashed a couple times trying to build rides at the same time. Still fun to mess around with though!
  14. I've seen this happen a couple times too, once with a restroom and once with, oddly enough, the station of a roller coaster. If I recall correctly, it only happened when I had clearance checking disabled.
  15. As in when I load it from here - View imageEDIT: Apparently that's not the only thing that messed up - the whole map is "frozen" as well, I can't edit anything whatsoever, and anything that's supposed to be animated is frozen in place.Update: Confirmed that this happens in both the stable and development release, with any landscape I try loading. (Haven't been able to test with another person's landscapes, only ones I've saved myself.)Update: It appears that it returns to normal after I resize the window (how odd), but it still occurs every time I have to load it.
  16. Hello. Not much to say about this. The camera in the scenario editor gets displaced down and to the right by a significant amount upon loading a landscape. Needless to say, this is incredibly frustrating when trying to edit these parts of the map in detail.Top-most:View imageLeft-most: View imageBottom-most:View imageRight-most:View image
  17. I can't imagine this would be high up on the priorities (or how difficult it would be to implement), but having some more tools for shaping the map would be great, like a terrain smoother, ruler, or multiple sizes of mountain pen. (Or perhaps more options in the map generator for mountains, craters, and plateaus?)Obviously it's possible as is to make a great map, but the limited amount of options currently in the game can make it a tad inaccessible when it comes to making scenarios. It would be nice to see a few more so even more custom scenarios show up (and to make creating a good one less painstaking)!
  18. Any time I open the launcher itself as well, it deletes everything in the bin folder. Also I meant development to stable*EDIT: Duh. Fixed by turning off auto update, BUT it keeps telling me the latest stable version is not the latest, and the launcher doesn't seem to be able to properly update (just deletes everything again)...EDIT EDIT: Reinstalled the launcher and now it's working. Sorry for the pointless report.
  19. Hard to explain this properly, but I decided to switch from the development version of the game to the stable one, and the bin folder emptied itself. The Launch button then told me the game is missing and will download, but after waiting 20+ minutes, there were still no files.I tried downloading it manually from the download page, but now any time I open the config on the launcher, the bin folder once again empties itself. It's more of an inconvenience than keeping me from playing the game, but some kind of resolution or way to fix this would be nice.
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