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1 hour ago, UTMAN said:

I watched it, and in spite of the facts that how promising is the game with all of that feature, I don't like how the game looks. :/ It kinda turns my interest off.

I can see where you are coming from. I myself, don't like every single thing they made. But I still have my hopes high.

PS. Probably because my favourite attractions are water rides, and the log flume looks gorgeous, especially in comparison to the previous games.

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It's definitely a game with a lot of potential, considering the early version it's in as of now. I'm really glad it has a riding mod, as it really enhances the gameplay, alongside all of the other mods available (a lot considering the stage of the game rn). I haven't bought it yet, however I'm considering it, to me it looks like RCT2 HD, but with more options and things you can do with it. Looks good overall though!

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Let me know if anyone would like to see anything in the pre-alpha!  I purchased access over the weekend to support the devs and have had fun with it so far.  It is very similar to RCT2 with building and general mechanics.  The coaster construction aspect still needs work, especially with creating realistic drops but it has huge potential.  MUCH better than the RCT: World garbage beta weekends that were in Nov. and Dec.  

Again, let me know if you would like to see anything specific!

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2 minutes ago, UTMAN said:


Parkitect vs RCT2

I saw this video. The graphics of Parkitect looks weird to me. I don't know why. I feel like that you cannot do as nicely looking scenery as in RCT2. But who knows. :/
However, I must admit Parkitect lookes more dynamic than RCT2.

Not yet!  Remember- it is only pre-alpha.  I am sure they will be implementing more features/rides/scenery as it develops.  I will say... building with walls and building objects are MUCH easier to use compared to RCT2.  Everything "snaps" to the grid making it much easier and quicker to place objects.  

I agree with you on the graphics though... I have not quite gotten used to it.  It is more "cartoonish" compared to the more realistic style in RCT2.  I know NOTHING about programming or graphics but I hope they are enhanced by release or even beta.

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Looks promising, however I have to agree with Utman on this one. The style doesn't do it for me, it really looks like it could do with a major upgrade. Hopefully most of it is just placeholder art at the moment. And about the building, it cannot possibly be harder than with RCT2, which uses a quite tedious system for it :P

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Yeah, building in RCT2 can be very pain in the back. I especially hate it, when you build a house and a roof. And the roof looks perfect from one camera angle in RCT2, but when you rotate the camera the whole roof slips away and you have to redo the whole thing. Like here:

The waterfall looks nice, isn't it?


Nope, it is not!


So it's really frustrating sometimes to build in RCT2.

And by Graphics, i think the reason why RCT2 looks better because it realies on frames, while parkitect 3D computer aimation I guess?

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I absolutely loved that trailer! 

I felt guilty while watching it, since I used to play RCT basically like a Truman Show Simulator. :S

Also, after watching it, I got why it was called 'Big Brother' trailer.

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