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  1. So I thought it'd be pretty cool to have some kinda chat where players of OpenRCT2 can discuss things, meet people to make parks with and stuff like that. https://discordapp.com/invite/0rX75OMgZajRp8hd
  2. Katherine

    Flat mega park

    This looks lovely, well done with it. I particularly like the shot where the wooden coaster intertwines with steel one.
  3. It's definitely a game with a lot of potential, considering the early version it's in as of now. I'm really glad it has a riding mod, as it really enhances the gameplay, alongside all of the other mods available (a lot considering the stage of the game rn). I haven't bought it yet, however I'm considering it, to me it looks like RCT2 HD, but with more options and things you can do with it. Looks good overall though!
  4. Katherine


    Hey there, I'm Katherine, I'm 19 and a huge fan of the RCT series. I'm also a coaster enthusiast irl, and I'd love to see some parks and hopefully make some new collaborations with you guys!
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