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Disable build height limits cheat?


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Hello, I think it will be a good addition to add a cheat that removes support height restrictions.

I am building a compact park with multiple vertical layers of attractions but the height restriction is too tight.

Some RCT trainers already have this function, it will be nice to have it incorporated to the game itself.

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Really?Where's the proof? Since both games refer to them as "guests" where as the similar locations in 3 refer to them as Peeps. notably the guest count. In 1, the guests were also names as "Guest #" This was changed to real(ish) names in 2, and stayed in 3. Official documentation, such as the manuals refer to them likewise.

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Also, I find it funny how people still say RCT3 is bad because of Frontier, when Frontier is making Planet Coaster and being given constant praise by the Theme Park Sim community.


On another note; It is likely that Atari was the reason for RCT3 being bad. And on that note, the special name of Chris Sawyer in RCT2 causes the guests too act as if the scenario was completed. In 3, this effect was given too Atari, and Sawyer's was changed to John Wardley's from 2, as previously stated, Wardley's was changed too support limit.

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