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  1. Okay since nobody replied, I decided to make a patch by myself On first try I just disabled any type of park leaving, that worked as intended and guests kept buying stuff while they are trapped But a few people kept visiting the park and as it was impossible to control the population, I decided to make some changes to the AI Now they will leave the park only when they can navigate to it. I named it "Guests do not leave easily" When they are trapped they will keep buying food or use the bathroom as they need. But when they find a way to the exit they will leave the park just like before. Also ATM machines will be used regardless of happiness in that mode in order to prevent people from running out of money. Source: https://git.mananet.net/manatails/OpenRCT2-mod Binary: https://laura.mananet.net/rct/OpenRCT2-GuestsDoNotLeaveEasily.zip Binary (x86): http://laura.mananet.net/rct/OpenRCT2-GuestsDoNotLeaveEasily-x86.zip
  2. I think it would be great to have a cheat that makes guests never think of leaving the park or at least put it as the last priority. In the current state guests will not do anything except wandering around as soon as they are 'leaving the park.' I hope guests respond to their needs nonetheless: hunger, thirst, toilet. So that they use the shops when they are actually trapped. It would be fun to see an island with only a couple of shops and ATM for a constant income If it isn't for those extreme scenarios, it'll still add to the fun of building shops as they will be used more actively, especially in larger/complex parks.
  3. Oh I never knew the existance of the context menu for that tab...
  4. Hello, I think it will be a good addition to add a cheat that removes support height restrictions. I am building a compact park with multiple vertical layers of attractions but the height restriction is too tight. Some RCT trainers already have this function, it will be nice to have it incorporated to the game itself.
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