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Custom Music ?


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I would like there to be a 'music' folder or something inside the Documents/OpenRCT2 folder, and that you're able to select each of them. Also multiple file types and different bitrates would be very helpful, right now it only supports WAV files with 2 channels and a certain bitrate.

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(Off topic) Cant get multiplayer to create a server!"Ready for clients...WARNING[..\src\network\network.cpp:888 (Network::AdvertiseRegister::<lambda_a2eff03714476b513308cc998f7d0d78>::operator ())]: Unable to advertise: Unable to reach game server, make sure your ports are open." (Tried shutting off windows fire wall, using bell fibe router/moedem)

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I've made an audio mixer that can load any wave file with any bitrate and number of channels, and even give you warnings if there's something wrong with the file upon loading. I don't like audio programming too much, but if nobody else is working on it I could give it a go and try to improve the mixer that's already in there.

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