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How do Construction Rights work ?

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1 hour ago, X7123M3-256 said:

That's strange. Does it work if you make the land above the path owned? I wonder if this is a bug.

Yea, I tried that too. People only go as far as the rights then turn around. I'd never really used construction rights much before, and I'm trying many different things these days.  :)

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Ok, been giving this several different approaches. My conclusion based on trial and error, and experimentation is that if the path from map edge to park entrance is below ground then you can't have construction rights for above or below that path, as this will cause guests to turn around and go back the way they came because the path is "blocked" to them. If the path is at ground level, there's no problem.

If this is a bug, could it be added to what is probably a long list (not a criticism). If it's just part of the core game, then so be it.  :)

Annoying, but not something I'm really concerned with. There are ways to do a work around.  :)


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I also found out that if you have the path leading to the park entrance at least 2 units (10 ft/3 m) above land where there is construction rights, it also suffers from the same issue. So, you can't use construction rights on underground or highly elevated path leading to the park entrance.

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No good work around for wanting a bridge that guests enter by and wanting to buy construction rights for under the bridge 😢
In this case I'd think a fix could be if you start out not owning construction rights, but can buy it, any prebuilt things remain off limits. Though I suspect there may be an issue connecting to the path?...


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