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  1. As of last night (my local time) this appears to have been fixed with the latest update. Whoever or however it got fixed, I thank any and all involved.
  2. A map with next to nothing on it yet. Tried to put in several different pre-made coasters, and I either get a crash or that message. I have the latest development version installed by the launcher. Please advise. More information - the issue occurs when I change the initial orientation of the saved track.
  3. Yes, but that only goes for 4 minutes then stops, at the same time as you get the "vehicle 1 hasn't returned to the station." message.
  4. Even after 2 patches this is still a thing. I've tried deleting the ride,save game, exit, and reload. No change. I build the ride, place entrances and exits, then go to put in pathing and one or both entrances disappear. While not an earth shattering issue, it's very frustrating for me. My current version is -- OpenRCT2 Git Hash: 0123a3d According to the launcher.
  5. Gday, as the title says, After the most recent patch, I put a lift in and keep having one or both entrances disappear. The game even tells me there's no entrance.
  6. I appreciate your response, but I have no idea what you mean about reducing car lengths. You sound like you're talking about analysing the software itself. That's way out of my league. I'm not a "modder" or programmer by any stretch of the imagination.
  7. This is something that's been a thing as long as I can remember, before OpenRCT2 even. They get stuck at corners, I suspect this may be due to the length of the vehicles, as they're nearly double the length of normal karts and the caveman karts. They look great in my opinion, but can be frustrating due to this issue. I don't know if there's anything that can be done about it. If I want to use them, I make as few corners as possible, but obviously because it's a "circuit" it must have corners. It'd be great if go karts could have wider radius bends too. .... Just a thought.
  8. Oops, sorry. I jumped on again late last night, and there was an update. Once in game, that ride did resolve (impressively I might add), so maybe there was a glitch but it got sorted with a new version. Thanks for looking anyway.
  9. Built a coaster, no special or custom track pieces, no hacks of any sort. After around 15 mins still no ratings. Closed down the game, and restarted, still nothing. Shut the ride, added a couple of brakes, still nothing. Also checked all other rides in the park to make sure others weren't stuck also. I have noticed that over the last couple of months it appears to be taking longer to resolve stats, reguardless how much is in the park. Hoping somebody can help. 625708533_CrossedPaths.sv6
  10. As I said .... Because, nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.
  11. WOO HOO !!!! The "nickname" must have been thought of by you, given the obvious link between your portrait and the name. Because ..... nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition .........
  12. The guys haven't completed it as yet. I suspect they may not have a release date for it yet. It can't be an easy task I suspect. I, like others really hope they can do it, but I'm prepared to let them take their time and get it right. None of my comments are in any way meant as a "hurry up".
  13. ALL HAIL THE NEW SAVE FORMAT !!!!!!! All hail those that are making it happen. Awesome job for people not being paid to do it. Who do it because they are that deep into this game. My hat goes off to all the people working on OpenRCT2, honestly.
  14. Gday All, Just wondering if the new format is anticipated to be able to address things like item numbers (greater than 255), frame rates, processing times for things like ride stats. Things like those. I also say I'm waiting with baited breathe for it's arrival. I have several parks just begging for more stuff. Just curious.
  15. Gday All, For the past week or so I've had 2 or 3 newly placed tracks tell me that it can't add any more vehicles. Not due to station length or max number. Vehicles not trains, I can have 1 vehicle with X cars and it'll say this, or multiple vehicles with 1 car each. This has happened on 4 rides so far for me. GoKarts, Car Ride, Suspended Swinging (has Bat Flyer as a track), and a Twisting Roller Coaster. The next day I was able to adjust as much as I wanted. Then the next day same happened with the Twister. I haven't been in-game so far today to see what's what. This is all with the game
  16. Gday All, Had this happen the other day. I find it rather funny. I don't think I'd like a roller coaster that went through the toilet block I was in at the time.
  17. Gday, I can't even take screenshots because many icons are missing in-game and on the title screen. Text is also missing and out of place. Commit: 5b24a9accca0839cf9a438c1d41d206225dd3f1f Available since 4 hours: Wed, Dec 16, 2020 5:17 PM This is the version I just installed maybe 10 minutes ago.
  18. Gday, For the past week I've been noticing that any parks I play, once they get to around half the max buildings (rides, attractions, shops) I start to get frequent red messages about can't find food/drink, and toilets. I have things set to the development patches, and I'm updating at least once per day. It's more an annoyance that anything, but it only seems to have started with the last 4 or 5 updates. I know this is still an older game, but you lot are doing great things with it, and I try not to complain. Any suggestions would be welcome.
  19. I can't get the hang of making them. I found a text maze generator and made some patterns and printed them out, but maze building still alludes me.
  20. The AI .... isn't. Same for them doing a lot of things. I've frequently seen things like that over the many, many years of play.
  21. Gday, I have many tracks I've made that have a ride time of more than 5 minutes, but beyond 5 you can't really analyse the track to fix any stats and rating issues. Does anybody know of a way to get the graph longer than 5 minutes please ? Also, is there a way to make the graph itself more visible, that is, better colour contrasts or something ? Thanks in advance.
  22. So, a raised path back from the ride to the park should work, I suspect.
  23. What sort of numbers would you think should be happening then please ? Currently on in-progress and full parks (due to the current limit) I'm averaging 60fps uncapped.
  24. Just asking, is this something that the new save format may address, or is it a fact of life because of the age of the games engine itself ? Sometimes it can take a few minutes for the stats to show, as if the game is doing so many things at once that it struggles.
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