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  1. Don't forget the 2-seater inverted coaster trains and the original mini suspended coaster cars. Oh, and speaking of that, shouldn't the mini suspended coaster cars be able to go up to 3 cars per train like in RCT1?
  2. Just download the 0.3.3 installer from the official site and install it. It will replace your previous version. Simple
  3. That's not my problem, you're using an outdated version of the game. I'm on the 0.3.3 stable release and Boomerang Dunes works perfectly fine. Please switch to the latest develop/stable release version and stop complaining. I won't fix my scenarios just to make them work on an older version of the game.
  4. Some interesting data regarding all of my scenarios and the objectives they have (as of 2021/02/26 I have made 305 scenarios): 79 (25.90%) = "Number of guests at a given date" 59 (19.34%) = "Number of guests in park" 32 (10.49%) = "Repay loan and achieve a given park value" 29 (9.51%) = "Monthly income from ride tickets" 28 (9.18%) = "Park value at a given date" 24 (7.87%) = "Monthly profit from food/merchandise" 22 (7.21%) = "Finish building 5 roller coasters" 22 (7.21%) = "Build 10 roller coasters of a given length" 10 (3.28%) = "Build
  5. The "Big Corkscrew Coaster" design is a custom-made design Marcel created for his corkscrew coaster ride overview video. I have also made a fixed version of that which will work with the new clearances.
  6. I also found out that if you have the path leading to the park entrance at least 2 units (10 ft/3 m) above land where there is construction rights, it also suffers from the same issue. So, you can't use construction rights on underground or highly elevated path leading to the park entrance.
  7. You will have to use the classic mini coaster for the steep track pieces. Also, when the "ride groups" were removed, the corkscrew coaster lost the ability to use large steep transition pieces, but they are still drawable. You just need to use the "Allow arbitrary ride type changes" cheat to do so - change the ride type to a hypercoaster to build the large steep pieces you want, and then switch back to the corkscrew coaster when you are building the other track elements. I don't even recall inverted B&M coasters having large steep pieces anyway.
  8. No. The limit is 255 rides/stalls, and even with cheats, you can't change that. You will have to wait until the new save format is released.
  9. UPDATE (2020/09/21 19:05 PST): This issue with certain track designs wrongly appearing as a different ride type has been fixed as of 6 hours ago. If you use the latest develop build (with the commit/build hash e5ec74f), you should now be able to build track designs from the Classic Mini Roller Coaster, Hypercoaster, Spinning Wild Mouse, Hyper-Twister Roller Coaster, and Monster Trucks like normal.
  10. Alpine Adventures and Dusty Greens are examples of scenarios I can easily beat without coasters - a single splash boats, or failing that, a 9.82 intensity launched freefall and a 9.64 intensity roto-drop do the trick.
  11. Hello to everyone reading! I have a huge collection of custom scenarios for OpenRCT2, currently with a whooping 326 of them (as of 2021-04-01). It includes but is not limited to many highly challenging scenarios, remixes of various scenarios from RCT1 and RCT2, beefed up and improved/revisited versions of all RCT2 Wacky Worlds and Time Twister scenarios (often appended with a Roman numeral 2 "II" at the end of the name), and scenarios inspired by other games/media, including 4 Halo-themed scenarios! There is at least one scenario for every objective type in the game. There are also 7 "no
  12. I have also had the game crash as a result of this. In fact, there are even empty windows. This issue stems from the OpenRCT2 launcher not updating the game properly. If you manually build the c72f547 commit/build, you won't get the glitchy texts/graphics and crashes.
  13. The default track designs affected by the ride group removal are: Blue Hurricane Goliath Hell Hound Krypton Dips Nitro Raven Racer Titan Verticulator Dizzymouse Mutant Mouse Rat Race Megatrucks The ones that can no longer be built due to the vertical loop's collision box being fixed are: Atomizer (Twister Roller Coaster) Bumble Bee (Looping Roller Coaster) Deep Freeze (Looping Roller Coaster) Octivator (Corkscrew Roller Coaster) Fixed track designs.zip Attached is a zip file with the
  14. Longtime RCT2 player here. Playing since 2003 but took breaks between 2005 and 2009, and again between 2011 and October 2019 (when I switched to OpenRCT2). I make quite a lot of custom scenarios and have contributed to the development of OpenRCT2, with my contributions including adding powered launch and reverse-incline launched shuttle modes to the stand-up coaster, removing complete circuit requirement from the air powered coaster, and even enhancing the Wacky Worlds and Time Twister ride objects so they're more on par with their updated base counterparts. For anyone who doesn't know, m
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