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Unable to find "allow testing of unfinished rides" option

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Hi, I have just recently found out about the whole open RCT2 and installed the whole thing and I have issues to find the option allowing me to test unfinished rides.

Was it removed, or is it somewhere else, than before? Everyone seems to have no issue to find it (no forum topics in searches) so I am really puzzled how come that I cant find it.

I have the 0.2.5 release installed

Thanks for any response!


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In the ride construction window there should be a blue flag - clicking that will display a ghost train which will run through the course continuously until you click the flag again. This pretty much removes the need for the "test unfinished ride" feature - I wouldn't be surprised if it has been removed (but I can't confirm that - they might just have moved it somewhere else).


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1 hour ago, jensj12 said:

If it still exists, you might be able to manually edit it in the settings file, change it in the settings menu of the launcher, or through the in-game console (which can be opened using ` (backtick), above the tab key).

It has been removed in favour of "simulate ride".

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45 minutes ago, NightHawk said:

Why not have both though ? :(

Because it is the same thing :D simulate ride is the blue flag in construction window and it allows the testing of unfinished rides, same as the previous option, so no reason to have both

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Definitely not the same.  With the old "allow testing of unfinished rides" you could follow the data logger (velocity, vertical G, lateral G).  The ghost train does not have this same functionality - you have to guess.  All it really shows is that I can or cannot complete a circuit.  Please put back the full functionality.  Please.

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