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Hi all, i want to suggest an Multiplayer option to this project.I know this is a very hard job to do, i'm a C# developer myself. But it would be awesome.For example:Player1 is host and is building something on the map, Player2 joins on the same map and can start building on the other side of the map.I'm kinda new to this project, so forgive me if this question is already asked before.

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As fun as this sounds I'm super skeptical. I'm not saying it's a bad idea, but the only multiplayer I can think of which works and is similar is Theme Hospital, and it's not very good to be honest.I mean, the game is, the Multiplayer isn't.

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It is, as far as I know already possible in the Dev. version. I managed to play in multiplayer with a friend of mine. But we where playing on a local network at his place on the same server. The problem was when I started the game it had to load like 499 maps or so ? But we weren't able to play on our own maps. He has the same ObjData-Folder as I have with the same objects in it, and we did it via OpenRCT2 launcher...Instead we came to play on some sort of small map with a view pre-build rides...Is it possible yet to play on your own maps via multiplayer and if so can someone write a tutorial for that please ?(y)(y)

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