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Catwalks !


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So as you may know the "Multi-Dimension Coaster" has catwalks on its lift segments. It would be amazing if these could be added by trigger on other coasters as well. flat sections could also be usefull during straight track sections & brakeruns:



And an example of a Menu entry:



The catwalk sprites could be edited out of the multi-dimension coaster. (Like i did on these screens here in gimp *g*)

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I like this idea, not sure it would be achievable in the current file structure though. I'm almost positive that the catwalks are a portion of the lift-hill sprite for the multi-D coaster, and that they're not something additional that could be implemented on other tracks, but I could be wrong.

You can use custom scenery catwalk pieces to get the same look if you desire.

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I know, but they are tedious. There is a cso someone created out of the multi-dimension sprites that is clipping through trains visually and then there's a good catwalk set by "1K". But they take up object file space you know... :P


If this could be implemented (like the booster sections of the B&M tracks) it would be sooo much easier.

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