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  1. A lot of computers suspect that OpenRct2 is a virus. Since OpenRct2 uses ports, weird connection stuff, and other stuff, most computers will try to block it. If it’s a problem, try turning off your antivirus, disabling firewall, or just adding OpenRct2 to your exceptions list.
  2. I like your profile pic. The vector version of the RCT1 icon.
  3. Unfortunately, this is where I’m no longer able to help. @Gymnasiast is a dev and he (or she) can help you more than I can.
  4. I tried both, none of them would get me to the current version.
  5. The current version (as of now) is #### - 7 however, I'm currently at #### - 0. Furthermore, the launcher doesn't try to fix this. Send help!!
  6. Lol true! At least it's not as bad Mcafee. Mcafee won't let you do anything on your computer.
  7. Turn it off? And then don't use the internet while you're playing? Hmm, I'm having the same issue here but the issue is my firewall blocking the connection to different networks and weird ports and stuff. I don't know how to fix it but hey...you're not alone.
  8. Does anything pop up when you click a server name?
  9. I removed all the keyboard shortcuts; only the ones that I need will have a shortcut. This is probably something you might be interested in trying.
  10. I’m asking where in game I can find the catwalk and use it for rides.
  11. I’ve seen a lot of rides have a catwalk and I wonder to myself, “how did they get that?” So I went to the tile-inspector and checked the square. The catwalk sprite existed and the tile-inspector saw that it exsisted. However, I don’t know where it is in the game.
  12. Can you code a pathway that doesn’t use a sign?
  13. Are you talking about the sign that displays the name of the ride? I’m just asking for clarification for other people. also this is my 69th post. let’s celebrate
  14. The RCTClub is a fun and free-for-all sub-community. The community itself is comprised of more servers dedicated for certain objectives and goals. Some of the servers we host are: Freebuild_1 Freebuild_2 FreeRealism Playing Scenarios Play Squares Freebuild_1 The 1st freebuild map is for people to make the coolest thing possible. When you join the map you will be given spectator perms. If there aren’t any moderators or admins on the server you may have to join our discord and ask. If that’s not an option for you then go look on the other servers we have. Freebuild_2 The 2nd freebuild map isn’t our biggest priority map. It’s main purpose is a backup of the 1st Freebuild and to be a display of more professional projects. Our staff is not on this server too often so getting permission on this server may be impossible. FreeRealism The FreeRealism server requires that you join our discord as it is our finest of creations. You may need to be “active” on our discord to gain more access to the server. Our top priority for this server is realism. Your ride will be reviewed and may receive requests for changes or deletion (only if it’s THAT bad). However, we have a loose set of standards so you shouldn’t have too much of a hard time, just be open minded and accept criticism. Playing Scenarios Playing Scenarios isn’t required to have a discord membership, but it is suggested. Most of the discussion for the server is said on the discord. However, if you can’t join discord (for any reason) you can still play. The main rules for this server is: be nice, go for objectives, help other players, and minimal swearing. If you want to request a map for scenario play you can ask Mr. Joestar. If you have your own custom map you’ll have to send it to us via...shocker...Discord. Play Squares Discord membership IS required for this channel. The way it works: you ask for a spot on discord, you stay in that spot, build a cool area, and then we reset the map on Sunday. If you want to compete than you’ll have to sign up on discord and then competitions will begin on Friday.
  15. By far one of the most confusing bugs that I get all the time is the missing sprites bug. Unfortunately, I don't have any screenshots of this bug since it comes and goes with the game's updates. So when I open one of my maps I notice that some trains on rides are glitching out. They seem to be confused about what sprite should be loaded on top of the train so they just put random sprites over it. Recently I had this problem with the suspended swinging coaster. Terrain sprites would load over the normal sprites. Almost as if the original sprites were deleted or were numbered incorrectly. However, I'm not a developer. So I can't say anything for sure.
  16. @Broxzier I think I'm starting to get what you mean.
  17. Maybe try redownloading the release files? I’m not an expert and that’s all I got.
  18. I’m bored so that’s why I’m asking.
  19. Do you have any videos of this? It would be helpful to see EXACTLY what you’re saying. Also I’m getting a little lost in reading your posts...I’m a bit of a freak with punctuation.
  20. 8l @Broxzier, I may know a few strategies of the game. But for god sake, I’m not a developer or network specialist XD. I’m not making fun of you, I’m just really dumb. Maybe if I put that into a basics translator I will understand .
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