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Group Park 8


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Since it's been a while since the last progress in the seventh group park, it's time to start the next: Group Park 8.

What's This?

If you're already familiar with how the Group Parks work, you can skip to the rules.

The OpenRCT2 Group Park is a collaberative park that everyone on these forums can contribute to. Players take turns by claiming the park, building some things, and when done upload the update park here for the next person to work from. To decide who gets to take a turn, we keep track of two lists: A queue and a missed-turn-list; there's information about how they work below. The park itself is a sandbox; there's no goal other than having fun creating a nice park together.

When it's your turn to claim the park, you should clearly state so by leaving a comment with the updated queue. Don't forget to do this, because when you haven't said anything after 24 hours, the next player can take their turn instead. Once claimed you have 48 hours to work on the park. When you're done, post a comment on this thread to show what changes you've made. Check out the rules for more details about what you should post exactly.

The Player Lists

Everyone starts in the queue, which will be shuffled when we begin. The person who is in front of the queue has 24 hours to claim the park, and once claimed 48 hours to work on it. If the person misses their chance to claim the park, they will be moved to the missed-turn-list. The order of this list is, unlike the queue, not important; anyone in this list can claim the park when it's not claimed already, or put themselves back in the queue in front of everyone else, so that they can claim the park next. In case multiple players from the missed-turn list put themselves in front, the person who was first gets to be first.

The queue mainly acts as a way of handling who takes turns in a fair manner. If you don't have much spare time but would like to participate anyway, you just have to state so and an exception can be made to allow you to work on it when you do have time. This includes players who are currently in the queue.

Everyone can join! Just add yourself to the end of the queue, or state you want to join and wait for someone else to add you. To avoid mistakes, always look for the last update of the queue and copy it before making changes.

The Rules

  • This park is NCSO (non-custom scenery objects) - Don't add objects that are not from the vanilla game; adding official expansion pack content is allowed, but note that they won't show up for players that don't have them installed.
  • Be rational - Don't cover a large portion of the map in one turn, or build coasters every turn. Look at what the others are building, and try to blend in. When not approved by the majority of the other players, your changes may be reverted.
  • Respect - Don't alter anything made by others without having their consent.
  • Queue update - When posting the new version of the park, update the queue and tag the person who is in front (type @<username> and select them from the list), so they will be notified (can be difficult on mobile - ask someone to tag them for you).
  • Screenshot - Since the park will be getting a lot of versions, and not everyone will be checking out every version of it, include at least one screenshot of a change you've made
  • Versioning - Increase the version in the filename by one (e.g. from Group Park 8.14 to Group Park 8.15). The number that needs to increase is the one after the 8. part in the filename (8. is because it's the eight group park. The part behind the dot is a separate number). The first 10 versions should contain a leading zero.
  • Hotfixes - Anyone may claim the park when it's not claimed already for hotfixes, but try to keep it claimed for a minimum amount of time. Tag the first person in the queue when finished. Hotfixes do not need to increase the version number, but append something to the end of the filename (e.g. Group Park 8.12-crashfix, or simply Group Park 8.12a).

Before We Begin

Before we begin we need to agree on a few things: The landscape we go for, the park size, the park name, the themes, and the different areas in the park, perhaps some background lore, and everything else you want to discuss.

The first round starts one week from now, on April 27th. I'll post the shuffled queue and the first saved game file then.


Let's make this the best group park yet! :D

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I think most of you will agree that the previous park was a bit too large, so I suggest we'll make this one like 15-20 tiles smaller.

For Group Park 7 we started out with a height map, and I'm up for creating another one for this round. I'd try to make it commit to all requests.

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23 hours ago, Broxzier said:

Players so far: Broxzier, giraty, Deurklink, Wuis, RedScope53, UTMAN

What themes do you have in mind?

These themes usually work well (with some rides that work well in that theme):

- Mine theme - Vertical drop coaster (Baron 1898), steam train, river rapids, wild mouse, mine train coaster

- Forest / Medieval theme - Woodie, Log flume, wild mouse

- Mechanical / Steampunk theme - Heartline twister, launched freefall, launched coaster

- Water / Pirates theme - Splash boats, boat rental, Pulsar(walibi belgium)

- Wild west

- Asian theme

- Space theme

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Pool in the bottom looks weird, accident? Is the lake neer the mountains human made? if so, what's the purpose? The mountains flattening out in the back also looks weird.

Further I think it's good to go, besides trees and terrain paint ofcourse.

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Yeah now there's scenery on it it does look bigger than I expected, but I think i'll do. To make the park appear a bit smaller, we could place large rides near the edges, and start building from the middle.

Here's the shuffled player list:

Queue: giraty, UTMAN, RedScope53, Broxzier, Deurklink, Wuis

(invisible missed turn list): jensj12, saxman1089

And the park: The OpenRCT2 Group Park 8.00.sv6


@giraty Show us what you've got! :D

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