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Guide: How to make better mine/jungle roofs using the tile inspector

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If you have played rollercoaster tycoon, this has probably happened to you: 

You wanted to make your dream house using mine themed scenery, only to find out those stupid roofs leave a gap on the sides!

Well, the people who play OpenRCT2 are lucky. It has a very powerful tool called the tile inspector, which allows you to fill the gap under the roof.

How do we do this? First, we need to enable the tile inspector. That can be done in the options menu. there you have to enable debugging tools under the wrench tab.


Then you can open tile inspector:


We'll use wooden fences to close the gap under the roof. Normal wooden mine walls cannot be placed sloped. Wooden fences can be placed on a slope, and will follow the landscape.


Now, we will place some wooden fences above the gaps:


Now in tile inspector, select the tile the wooden fence is on. Then in the list, select the wooden fence. On the tile inspector screen you will see a field that says slope. By changing the value in this field, the wooden fence will either be sloped Right side up, Left side up, or it will be flat. Using this, the wooden fences can be sloped to match the roof of the house:


Now, they need to be moved down to the correct height. This can be done by changing the number for Base height:


And there we have it, a fully closed building that uses the mine theme scenery. If the wooden fences are on the same tile as the wall pieces, you can change the order in the list to decide which piece gets drawn first, by using the arrow buttons on the top. As you can see in the next image, the wall pieces now partially cover the wooden fences we placed, because i moved the wooden fence down in the list:


Sometimes the scenery can flicker a bit if you place too many pieces on the same location. Often playing around a bit with the order of scenery items in the list can resolve it.

Anyway, that was it for now! This is just one of the many useful tricks you can do with tile inspector. I'll be sure to write another guide soon, as I still have lots of tricks to share!

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Nice small tutorial Deurklink, tricks like these are good to spread around.

I want to add a little something, another way to place walls diagonally without going through the tile inspector.

First make sure you have cheats enabled, since we're going to disable clearance checks:


Once you've build your house, go and disable clearance checks, so you can fill in the empty gaps. Now, use the land tool and raise the tiles inside the building from the corner, with the highest point where you want the fences to be high as well:

5acd19c38c744_CrazyCastle2018-04-1021-57-39.png.344a2f2d152f6d5660dd0ee575e29504.png5acd19c59e250_CrazyCastle2018-04-1021-57-51.png.46fea9cc00939909e5f2eb7fc26737df.png Do this for all corners

Now place the fences to fill up the gaps:


Note that this only works in one go when the roofs match the land height. Since surfaces go up and down with steps of 2, while scenery can go up and down with single steps, you may have to fix the height. with the tile inspector and reorder them the way that Deurklink has explained.

Don't forget to enable clearance checks again when you're done. :)

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You are using the wrong object.

You have to use the " wooden fence", not the "wooden wall" from the mining theme.

To be more general, you have to use a fence and not a wall because in RCT2, only the fences can be placed sloped, the walls can't (there are some exceptions).

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