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CTR Christmas 2017 has arrived!


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For those who do not frequent the NEDesigns homepage, you may not know that I have been working in secret on what I call CTR Christmas. CTR Christmas is a collection of brand-new rides just in time for the holiday, and guess what: the holiday is here. So for every RCT2 player around the world, I present to you: CTR Christmas!



You can download them from my github here!


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  • 8 months later...

The ride vehicles are stunning, but there is a problem with the friction of the wheels on the X-Car and the MACK Water Coaster. They lose speed to fast which they mostly did not make the end of the run compared to the original RCT-2 trains. So they are only useful for short coasters I am affraid. 

I am wondering if you can do sonething about it?




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12 hours ago, djwessie said:

They lose speed to fast which they mostly did not make the end of the run compared to the original RCT-2 trains.

There is no original RCT2 version of these trains. 

12 hours ago, djwessie said:

So they are only useful for short coasters I am affraid.

These rides (especially the water coaster) typically have short layouts. Mack water coasters usually have only have one or two hills between the lift and the splashdown, and the standard X-Car layout is just a lift, a roll, and a drop. You can override the default friction settings with cheats if you want.

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Well, I wanted to recreate the Rip Ride Rocket from Universal which is a X-Car coaster from Maurer. But it doesn't even make.the first hill after the first drop and the vertical lift. Also Abisimo cannot be recreated. And the launch coasers as Formula-X or the one from Bayernpark is not possible with the current friction cause it loses speed too much. Well you did recreate the Mack Watercoaster, not the Supersplash. So when you try to recreate Posseidon in Europapark, it doesn't even make the first brake run cause of the friction. Do you get my point here? Then my last question: How do I do that? Cheat the friction on just 2 car designs to the Original RCT standards?

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If you can't recreate any real designs, then the friction probably is too high. I don't know what process  @Spacek used to decide what the value should be, so maybe he will respond to this thread. You can still override the defaults using cheats, however.

4 hours ago, djwessie said:

How do I do that?

You alter the vehicle mass (the game doesn't actually have "friction" as a parameter). More mass means the train loses less momentum due to friction, less mass makes the train slow faster.

rides set mass <ride_index> <mass>


The mass value ranges from 0 to 65535.


4 hours ago, djwessie said:

 to the Original RCT standards

Again, I don't know what you mean by this - there is no equivalent of these trains in the original game. But you can set the friction (or more accurately the mass) to whatever you want.

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16 hours ago, djwessie said:

Still did not find the Ride mass option. Where is it located?

Oops, I forgot to say, you type that command into the console. I should have said that but apparently I didn't proofread my post.

12 hours ago, djwessie said:

And I only need to change the friction on these two car designs.

The console command works on a per-ride basis - the first argument is the number of the ride to modify (you can use the command "rides list" to see a list of rides and their numbers) . The mass is actually stored as a property of each ride vehicle, so the ride must have vehicles on the track for this command to work. It's technically possible to have multiple trains with different masses on the same ride, though the console command provides no way to do this.

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I might try these in my festive projects- if I find any tweaks that get things running smoothly I'll let you know. Another question to go with djwessie's: can you share games/scenarios with these tweaks in, ie if you tweak the mass will it keep that saved?


Could it lose it (mass setting) if people redesign the ride (Obvious answer I'd guess is yes due to retesting)-if it works I'll probably share some advice on making the ride work.


I'm no expert so if anything seems too wrong and I can't fix it I may accept the imperfections or have to leave the problem dats out- but they look too good to not try out.


Thanks for your work on these.

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1 hour ago, RollerBoaster said:

can you share games/scenarios with these tweaks in, ie if you tweak the mass will it keep that saved?


Yes, you can share saved games that have modified train mass.

The train mass is saved as part of the train, not the ride, so doing anything that causes the trains to respawn, such as going into construction mode or clicking the close button twice, will reset the mass back to the default. If you want to edit the train mass permanently you would have to change the custom object DAT file.

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Thanks. RCT design always seems to involve some brainpower puzzling but ORCT has improved things a lot :)


Having fun with one of my projects working out the orientation of the various map/ reference images I've got at the moment. Real life version has some tricky borders instead of just following roads, so having a fun night figuring out exactly where the park edges and rides are! Found the entrance locations now so that should help lots, once I figure out the borders I can figure out roughly where the owned land borders need to be, setting up the rest of the landscape and where the rides go. Matching research images and video to maps/landscape should be way easier than it turns out to be *smiles*- I'm doing a lot of image rotating/ map sketching/ reference map labeling/ head-tilting/head-inverting to match all these guide items up...


Plenty of fun though as it means I can use some rides and scenery I've not used before, Spacek's may not suit this project but I'm doing two other festive parks not based on real life so looking forward to trying Spacek's seasonal offerings in those.



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  • 2 months later...

I read how to install: The zip files are structured for OpenRCT2, so if you have OpenRCT2 you can unzip to the root directory and everything will land where it should in the track and object directories. All included track designs are free for use without stipulations.

But I'm confused.


1) Do I have to click the red toolbox in openrct2 and then 'custom content folder' and unzip all the zip files in there?

The folder has following subfolders:

16/02/2020  21:01             3 719 config.ini
14/02/2020  17:13    <DIR>          desyncs
14/02/2020  17:13    <DIR>          heightmap
14/02/2020  17:13    <DIR>          landscape
16/02/2020  19:55    <DIR>          object
16/02/2020  21:00           248 945 objects.idx
14/02/2020  17:13    <DIR>          replay
15/02/2020  20:21    <DIR>          save
14/02/2020  17:13    <DIR>          scenario
16/02/2020  20:02            17 364 scenarios.idx
14/02/2020  20:56    <DIR>          screenshot
14/02/2020  17:13    <DIR>          sequence
14/02/2020  17:13    <DIR>          themes
14/02/2020  17:13    <DIR>          track
16/02/2020  20:02            13 598 tracks.idx
               4 File(s)        283 626 bytes
              13 Dir(s)  83 322 556 416 bytes free




2) Do I need to unzip them in my openrct2 folder (that contains the exe), which is not the same folder as 1)

The folder has a folder 'data', which has following subfolders:

28/10/2019  21:57           108 401 g2.dat
14/02/2020  16:42    <DIR>          language
14/02/2020  16:42    <DIR>          object
14/02/2020  16:42    <DIR>          shaders
14/02/2020  16:42    <DIR>          title
               1 File(s)        108 401 bytes
               6 Dir(s)  766 407 856 128 bytes free


I what folder do the zip files have to be unzipped? 1) or 2) ?



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What he is suggesting is that you navigate to the OpenRCT2 folder (which will probably be in Documents, if you are on Windows), and unzip it there. It's set up so that doing that will directly place the .DAT files and the track designs into the right folders.

However, if this is confusing you, I would unzip the folder somewhere else, and then copy the DAT files into the custom content folder (and the track designs into the track folder, if you want those as well). It will make no difference how you install it.

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10 minutes ago, jessicajones said:

the custom content folder has many subfolders: in which one do I need to put the dat files?

Can you post a screenshot? The custom content folder shouldn't have subfolders unless you created them, I wonder if you're looking in the right place. Is this the folder you open when you click the button in game? If so, just place the .DAT files directly in that folder - I'm not sure how the subfolders got there.

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