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  1. hi i'm jessica and i'm a rct2 expert see ya!
  2. I would like auto updater so the game can update to eatier latest dev or official release. Also for android please!
  3. to Pop06095: it's useless to post in github The developers don't even read there. They add a label to the issue and put in the 'forget hole'... All my bugs posted there, not even 1 is solved.
  4. i would like shops to sell winter hats and jackets for the new snow weather in the game. it works like umbrellas for rain
  5. i would like Twitch Integration Android, because now it not work
  6. i would like OpenGL ES in Android
  7. i would like the game data in APK file Android included. so i don't need to copy windows data to my android
  8. i would like lighting effects in opengl mode
  9. i would like a custom content downloader for rides, parks, ...
  10. I report you to the moderator if you don't stop bullying me!!!
  11. Mind your OWN business. basic forum etiquette also means not telling other people what to do. Who are you to tell me what I can do or not?
  12. hi How to transfer a saved game to another pc or android device? Is it enough to copy the save game file in order to open it on the second device with all rides, ... present (if not using custom rides)? So copy the save game to the save games folder of the second device?
  13. why is the game even compiled for android then? there should specifc 'touch' controls for android made. is this planned? I scaled up the factor to 3.5 and now it's quite usable It's cool to look at your created parks on a desktop pc! that's what I useit for now.
  14. hi Just installed android version which runs fine but ... is it possible the controls in android are currently unusable? - clicking a close X of a window is almost impossible on a tablet because it's too small - how to scroll a park up/down/left/right?
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