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Guide to the Tile Inspector

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Hello, today I am going to teach you the basics of the Tile Inspector tool featured in OpenRCT2.

The Tile Inspector is a tool that allows the player to edit the data of items on a tile. This guide will be going over some of the basics of the Tile Inspector

The Toolbar


A: Tile Cordinates

B: Paste copied item

C: Copy selected item

D: Sort items on tile by height

E: Rotate selected item

F: Sort item in list (Affects visual data)

G: Delete selected item

H: Add corrupted object (Makes item directly above invisible; useful for minor tweaks on things like stalls)

Modifying Land


Base Height: Shows how high the tile is on the map

The Diagonal Check Box: Only used on the type of land featured.

4 Check Boxes: These indicate weather the corner is raised or not.

Surface Details: This shows what terrain paints are active, the water level, and weather the tile is owned by the park



Sloped Check Box: Toggles if the path is sloped or not (based on connected edges)

Connected Edges Check Boxes: This dictates which sides of the path are going to the end of the tile, this can be used to create 1-way paths, 1 can/lamped stairs and several other things

Path Details: Shows what kind of path it is, and what path scenery items are attached.



Slope: Changes how the wall is sloped; only works with some tiles (All base game tiles below)

Wall Details: displays what 'type' of wall the wall is, and weather there is text attached or not


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7 hours ago, isometricosahedron said:

Bumping to ask a question: is the Tile Inspector used to create intersecting pieces of scenery or rides?

It can be but it's not always necessary. If you want intersecting scenery it's much easier to use zero clearance than the tile inspector.  The tile inspector is often necessary for track if you want to place tracks at intervals of 0.75m instead of 1.5m, of if you're placing them in such a way that they would otherwise merge and make it impossible to get them where you want.

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