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  1. Bumping to ask a question: is the Tile Inspector used to create intersecting pieces of scenery or rides? For example, I've seen wooden rollercoaster pieces intersect to create a roof over a path. As an aside, I would also like to find out how rides can be combined (eg. Inline twist + bobsleigh tracks) but I understand it's unrelated to this thread.
  2. Bumping this incredible park. Vertical G-Fall and Engine Pulser are probably my favorite track designs here because of the effective management of velocity without using additional boosts or lifts after the first drop. Also I love how the altitude of these rides taper off in the last half to burn off excess velocity while meandering through a generous amount of land space. Not to mention that this park features double, triple, and quintuple racers all with very appropriate and clean themeing. Quality work!!
  3. Hey everyone. Good to see that people still play this game. It's one of the best games, like, ever. I remember meeting one of my best friends sometime around 12 to 13 years ago while playing RCT in an after-school care program. He said something like, "Hey, nice coaster!" and turned out to be a huge RCT fan as well, so we hit it off. We actually did an OpenRCT livestream a couple of years ago--unfortunately they're no longer available to view on YT. Anyways, I have been lurking these forums here and there for a while now, and OpenRCT2 is among the three games I regularly play (the ot
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