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Suggestions to make OpenRCT2 prettier


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A couple of suggestions for features that would make OpenRCT a bit prettier:


1. Option to scale the UI ONLY (like in OpenTTD)

2. Better still, just an option to change (and upsize) the font (and associated comboboxes/checkboxes etc)

3. Closer zoom levels (think this has been requested already, so I'm reiterating to add support for that)

4. Further down the line, add support for higher res graphics files (like OpenTTD has...I'm guessing there will be similarities between the two codebases that should make this fairly easy to implement). I'm aware that that one's low down the priorities, though :P

5. Terrain blending - e.g. instead of an abrupt change between one ground texture and another, the tile 'fades' between the two. Smooth blending over a number of tiles would also be great.

6. Further to the above point, height/position based auto-ground texture; e.g. where ground meets water would be nice if it formed a 'beach' of sand automatically, and the tops of mountains would be made snowy automatically.

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  1. The plan is to make the world and UI scaling two different settings.
  2. This requires a new UI system, which isn't going to happen anytime soon.
  3. Pointless. There's a window scale option to get 'closer'.
  4. What do you mean with higher res graphics? Bigger sprites? That's also pointless if they're going to be downscaled for the rendering anyway, everything is drawn on a 1:1 scale at the lowest zoom level already.
  5. Cool idea, I'm sure others have thought about this too. It'll require many new sprites (or at least a mask of some sort) and a new save format. Custom terrain and edge texture support is planned as well. Just to make sure you know, there is some smoothing already for certain terrain types already, but only for the edges of the different tiles.
  6. You don't always want sand at a watery area, this also depends on the colour pallet that is being used, same goes for applying snow to mountains, and anything else you can think of. If such a feature was made, all scenario's would end up looking very similar in terrain style. Doing this manually once isn't that big of a hassle is it?
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1 hour ago, AxeSlash said:

5. Terrain blending - e.g. instead of an abrupt change between one ground texture and another, the tile 'fades' between the two.

This is a feature of vanilla and hence of OpenRCT2. It can be turned on and off via the "Landscape Smoothing" option in the paint tab of the options window.

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