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I thought I'd post another update on the state of my custom track project:

Since the last time posted about this I have added half loops, but the most significant improvement is the use of arc length parametrization for all track piece curves, which eliminates the distortion that was previously visible on many track pieces, particularly diagonals.

I also found that the geometry of the diagonal slopes was incorrect; fixing this has made the discontinuities between diagonal pieces much less severe.


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2 hours ago, Gymnasiast said:

One question: is this still Intamin track? I don't recognise the track style, and searching on the internet only seems to return a track style that looks like RCT's Giga Coaster.

This is Intamin double spine track, first used on Intimidator 305 and now frequently seen on Intamin's larger rides such as Skyrush, Red Force and Flying Aces. They still use the classic triple-rail track for smaller installations.

I would really like to do the triple rail track as well, but it's so hard to match the existing sprites. I honestly don't think my renderer is capable of reproducing existing track with any settings - something is missing and I think it's probably the lighting. I only use one light source but it was pointed out on the Gitter that some sprites are clearly lit from multiple angles. It's such a widely used track style, I may have to give it another go.

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6 minutes ago, InstantMix said:

This is all looking lovely dude - especially that Intamin track! Can you go into any more detail about the modelling and rendering processes you are doing to come out with those sprites?

All my 3D modelling is done in Blender. I make use of a plugin called fSpy to line up the Blender camera with photographs and then trace over the top of it. I also use schematics and drawings where I can find them. The process of modelling a train was always a very slow process, which is why I haven't done one in a while. For track sprites, only the straight track piece need actually be modelled, I have code that generates the rest of the track pieces automatically.

The rendering has always been handled with my own rendering code, which completely automates the process of turning 3D models into RCT sprites. That code has changed a lot over the years, and in fact has changed greatly since the last time I posted anything in this thread.  The sprites shown in this thread are all rendered using a single light source, and the train sprites did not use antialiasing either. Since then I have rewritten the renderer with support for multiple light sources (which I've carefully tweaked to match the existing sprites very closesly), ambient occlusion, and improved anti aliasing support, as well as a few other improvements to get my sprites looking much more like the originals. So far, I have only used this new code for track sprites. Here are some more recent screenshots (note that the train sprites have not been updated, only the track):


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The more progress I see on these, the more I think they should be an integral part of OpenRCT2, if only to simplify park sharing compatibility. They're just that good. 😁

Will the Intamin steel coaster have access to vertical chain lifts like Fahrenheit?

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18 hours ago, JMBuilder said:

The more progress I see on these, the more I think they should be an integral part of OpenRCT2

That's the end goal. I already have a PR open for my RMC track, although it's currently on hold as the sprites need improvement. The additional pieces for the LIM track shown above are also very close to finished. I haven't been working on this project for the last few weeks, but I'll probably come back to it soon.

19 hours ago, JMBuilder said:

Will the Intamin steel coaster have access to vertical chain lifts like Fahrenheit?

Yes, although it doesn't have them at the moment. The Intamin track is proving particularly difficult to get looking right, so I don't expect that one to be finished soon.

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9 hours ago, etut2t6t said:

This in the screenshot  OBJECT File Upload Please Me.

This isn't a syntactically valid sentence and I can't figure out what you're trying to say. I don't know what object that is but it definitely isn't one of mine.

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