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Mini Project: Point Pleasant Hills!


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It's been sometime since I've done anything serious in Roller Coaster Tycoon 2, but I decided to attempt a small park that uses a little bit of custom scenery (Roofs, a few walls, terrain blocks, and actual supports!)

I've honestly never attempted the B&M supports for RCT2 because it looked like a huge pain to make everything look right, or at least good enough without making stuff glitchy. OpenRCT2 helps out a lot because all of the commands for Clearance checks and some other things, have made it much easier, and IMO, less buggy in the end.

Some park Stats:

Size: 75x75 (534,160 Sq.Ft.)

Staff:  51 (32 Handymen - 9 Mechanics - 8 Security Guards - 2 Entertainers)

Ride Count: 9 (3 Coasters - 5 Flat Rides - 1 Water Ride)

Average Guest Count:  Between 900 to 1250

Average Park Rating:  850


Firstly, the wooden coaster Mountain Lion will give you a crazy experience!

Excitement:7.64 - Intensity:8.42 - Nausea: 4.98





Then, the B&M Floorless. Can you defeat The Dragon?                        Excitement: 8.73 - Intensity: 8.86 - Nausea: 5.74

915cdd4c9adb8b540c37d1204fcb7ecb.png0597b44272c236c2e9aa22308901626c.pngae2ecdb5244f32b973c8bfc7707e7767.pngNote: I've never attempted B&M supports before, so it does look a tad off in some areas. The game is a bit weird when placing these so the smaller loop has a support over it instead of on the sides.



Roller coasters isn't the only thing we offer! We also include many other rides for the whole family!



If you wish to download and visit yourself, Download here!


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The park looks fantastic! Just some tips to make it look even better:

Try to properly format you post next time and use the 'remove formatting' option to prevent the text being wider than the website. This forum has a nice image viewer that allows scrolling through multiple images, but you bypassed it. The forum also allows uploading saves here to prevent ads and expiring download links. Upload the park here instead of using external download servers.

With OpenRCT2, you can make a 'giant screenshot' which removes the need to combine images (which went horribly wrong on the second image). Also use the screenshots the game generated directly, the screenshots posted here are scaled which results in a huge quality loss for pixel based sprites.

Park ratings seems to be a bit low side :P Take a look at the guests thoughts and you might be able to bring it back to 999 (5% saying that they need a toilet is normal, you can safely ignore that)

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Nice park! I really like the attention to detail on the scenery and the realistic track layouts on the coasters. They look like something you'd see in real life. I wouldn't worry too much about your park rating, I usually put that on the backburner when working on high-scenery parks as well.

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You did really well, every coaster and even flat ride looks really well cared for. Trees are not overwhelming the park but there is still a decent variety of trees, same goes for shrubbery. Besides, you've won my already by placing fencing all around the park. I think I would like going to such park! For the up and coming years improvements could be made on stalls becoming decorated food courts or restaurants, changing the color schemes to fit their theme or target audience more* and the long and wide wooden splash boats scenery might get a little rework as it looks quite weird now and I can't really see the purpose for it.

*E.G. The Dragon seems like quite a threatening name and the coaster is quite large for the park, but the light blue totally denies this and makes it look like this dragon is some kind of friendly park mascot.  The kiddie coaster is a coaster with a dark colour scheme which goes through not the brightest of forests, not really child-friendly if I say so myself.

But that were just a few points I saw there could be improved on, it's on you if you think they're necessary. 

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Nice park! I love the attention to detail you put into it, especially with the ride themeing. I'd like to point out that the straighaway after the big drop on your splash boats feels a bit short, and the terrain seems to be glitching on the track after the station.

Also I am a huge fan of that floorless.

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