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  1. Well put. I'll admit my response was a knee-jerk reaction and could have been less confrontational. Anyways, these aren't here to be impressive. They're here for players to have some easy-to-slap-down rides that are consistently profitable and built well while maintaining some of the design philosophy of the pre-installed tracks. They aren't supposed to be perfect or elegent, they're something you'd build while playing a scenario. My apologies Sensual. Now that I've taken a minute to step back and look at the situation, I'm sure you meant well.
  2. Oh no! It's the ride design police! I'd better hide all of the designs that this particular officer doesn't approve of! These are supposed to be add-ons that are easy to place and use, similar to the built-in designs. You are free to disagree with how these are built, but I am under no obligation to design my rides to meet your personal standards. Don't like? Don't use. Feedback should be constructive, not authoritarian.
  3. I have a few decently put-together ride designs that I created recently and I thought I'd share them. These designs do not use any custom scenery, so they should work with anybody's game. Ride Specific Notes 1. "SB-129" - The launched freefall - has an issue where there are 2 missing sections of footpath inside the building that I couldn't select because the building was in the way. Simply place them so that guests can reach the queue entrance and all should be well. 2. "Re-Entry" - the Air-powered coaster - is about the tallest design I could build without a 10+ intensity rating. It is about 400ft. tall and achieves an excitement rating over 10 (Extreme), assuming you build the scenery with it. You can easily charge $8/ride on this bad boy. 3. "Big Boom Baby" - the boomerang - has the tallest reverse-inclined lift hill possible using this coaster type without reducing the slope near the top or hitting a 10+ intensity rating. I think it comes at just under 9. 4. "Indigo Coastoya" - the large purple woodie - does not come with scenery, but I included it anyway because I like the layout and it is a fairly profitable coaster. Shouldn't be very difficult to slap a custom station on this guy either. 5. "Rumblestiltskin" - A medium sized woodie with "Very High" Intensity and Excitement. Kept the theming light so that it can fit into other parks fairly easily. To install: Extract the .zip and put the files in your Documents/OpenRCT2/tracks folder. If the game is already running, you will very likely need to quit and restart the game for these to show up in the ride selection menu. Redistribute or use in your parks as you wish, I only ask that you give credit where due if somebody asks where these came from Enjoy! Zoomer'sRadTrackPack.zip
  4. Zoomer36

    Group Park 3

    Sorry to keep you guys waiting, please add me to missed for the time being. (I really wish I could get tagged notifications on my phone so I don't miss things when I don't log in for a bit).
  5. Zoomer36

    Coszie Park

    Personally, I'd probably stick both entrance/exit buildings on the side close to the tarmac, then snake the queue underneath the station and underneath the rollercoaster, perhaps with several tunnels through the rockwork. Also, can you clarify what you mean by "gumdrops"?
  6. Zoomer36

    Group Park 3

    My apologies, I saw that Cascadia had attached a letter to the end after making only minor changes, so I had assumed that was the accepted format for file names when one had only made small changes / no new rides.
  7. Nice park! I really like the attention to detail on the scenery and the realistic track layouts on the coasters. They look like something you'd see in real life. I wouldn't worry too much about your park rating, I usually put that on the backburner when working on high-scenery parks as well.
  8. Zoomer36

    Group Park 3

    Claimed: - Queued: Broxzier Missed: imlegos, WobblyRails, wilburg22, Yimmy, ziscor, RedScope53, @Dan, Cascadia, Wuis, jensj12 Changes: 1. Added extra foliage/flowers around Old Timers and Kiddie Kingdom, with special care taken to ensure that it fits with the original look/style of those areas. 2. Assigned some free-roaming mechanics to Sherbywood Monorail stations, mechanics were having trouble finding the exits (especially Reddington Station). The OpenRCT Group Park 3.75b.sv6
  9. Zoomer36

    Group Park 3

    I was thinking that perhaps there should be a music-related rule for GP4. No offense, but I had to mute the game when playing GP3 because all of the different types of music clashing with one another sounds completely garish to me.
  10. Zoomer36

    Group Park 3

    To be honest this park look fairly close to being done. I'm not sure how much I can really do, I'll probably just touch up scenery in various areas and handle any management issues that show up. @Wuis I'd love to be involved in GP4, I joined this project fairly late so I didn't really get to contribute much. Was wondering, would adding a station building to shooting star be too much of a change? It's looking kind of naked IMO.
  11. Zoomer36

    Group Park 3

    Didn't realize I'd been added to the queue again, but I'll claim it now and see if there's anything I can work on.
  12. Update #1: Asian area is close to completion. Screenshots show new new additions to the area, including Spectre (Suspended Swinging) and Re-Entry (Air-Powered). I'm not sure what I should do for the next theme, so if anybody has suggestions I'm open to them.
  13. Zoomer36

    Coszie Park

    Cool park OP. I really like the architecture used in the entrance and monorail stations. They look like something you'd see in a real park! The station building for the woodie is also cool, reminds me of the building for the wooden coaster at my local amusement park. All in all I really like your style. As for the invert, I really like the design of the track, and I think a bit of rock-work and some sparse bushes/foliage in the pit beneath the coaster would really do wonders for the overall feel.
  14. Thanks for the clarification. I could swear I remembered not being able to build more rides after 128 in one of my previous parks, but that was a long time ago so I could just have the numbers mixed up.
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