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I have this bug that doesn't seem to resolve at all.

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So, I found this bug when I was creating a park...

I have selected several wooden coaster types (in scenario editor), articulated, normal, and the 6-seater, after everything was saved, I went into the park and started making a coaster, but the only type that showed up was articulated, even though 3 were selected, and that I made sure everything was on the invention list.


No, it didn't happen once for me, I've created several parks all with the same problem. I've only run into it on wooden coaster types, so I wouldn't be surprised if another type has this problem. 


Maybe I am doing something wrong, or there's actually a bug, but, I'd figure I'd report it anyways.


If ya could, please help me out! Thanks

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I searched vehicle on the issue tracker, and none of the results were relevant. I now get that it's a side bug of a bigger issue, to which jensj12 already linked by adding a comment. If you do find an issue dedicated to this specific issue entirely, do share. I'm genuinely curious where I over looked things.

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I asked it for debugging purposes, it may or may not have something to do with that option. So if the behavious changes when toggling that option, it would be easier for the devs to track down the issue. I don't expect the issue to be suddenly 'fixed' when changing it (it may do, but then it's still a bug that needs to be fixed).

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It's unfortunately un-fixed after I did this. It's indeed a bug. And I hope/need to have it patched. 

See, I'm making a mega park for RCTgo, and possibly other sites, and there'll be a lot of roller coasters, (at least 14).

I'm needing both Articulated, Main, and 6-seater for the woodies, and the regular suspended coaster trains (not the plane) and I only get one option. 

I really really hope it's patched soon. But, I got a lot of time before this park is even close to being done.



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I think I've seen this bug reported before. As a workaround, what happens if you enable "Show vehicles from other track types"? Can you select the other trains then? Failing that, the console can change ride vehicles as well, at least until this bug is fixed.

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