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Split landscape tiles


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I don't know if this has been discussed yet so here goes.

Would it be possible to split the landscape diagonally on a tile without having to overlay it with something. Like having one-half the tile be green grass and the other sand. It would allow for more realistic looking landscapes. Just wondering!

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With the current datastructure, not. The data for the ground type needs to be doubled + 1 for which diagonal it is. Compatibility with the original game needs to be broken before this can happen. The windows and surface paint which need to be changed are already implemented.

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2 hours ago, Broxzier said:

There's probably custom scenery that you can use for this.

23 hours ago, CharlieP said:

without having to overlay it with something

Usually no new features are added for something that can be done with custom objects, but this one might be useful for most players so I suppose it has a chance once the decompiling, bugfixing and free assets are done. I thinks it's better to split it into 4 triangular shapes attached to each of the sides if it's going to make it in.

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Just now, jensj12 said:

Usually no new features are added for something that can be done with custom objects

By that argument we could remove the landscape editing tools entirely, because they can all be replaced by custom objects. To do this with CS is certainly possible, but awkward. You can't just make triangular shaped blocks (though that's what I've seen people do), because then when you try to use two of them on one tile you have two objects occupying the same quarter-tile, and therefore you'll get glitches (plus you'd need zero clearance to place them). Therefore you'd need to have one object for every pair of terrain textures (even if you don't care about potential glitches, this is needed anyway if you want the smoothed edge that the game gives). This would use up a lot of redundant object slots, and even if the limit were removed that's less than ideal. That said, this is the sort of feature that almost certainly would require a new format, so I don't expect to see it any time soon.

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