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Block brakes on merged coasters: possible solution?

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I was playing around with merging coasters, trying to figure out which designs work, which operating modes to use, etc. when I had an idea for a new operating mode specifically for merged coasters.

Basically this new operating mode would have a new operating state. Along with "open", "testing", and "closed", there would be a "record" state (I suggest it be a blue flag/light). This mode would run with only 1 train on the tracks and would be required to be complete before the coaster can be tested or opened. This mode would treat block brakes differently: when the train hits a block brake, it is slowed down as normal, but instead of the game checking the next block brake for clearance, the game would record the block brake in a list. If everything works properly and the train makes it back to the station, the game would end up with a saved list of the block brakes the train hits and the order in which it hits them. At this point the coaster can be tested/opened.

Obviously there would be some obstacles to this. First of all, the new operating mode would have to recognize block brakes on tracks other than the "main" track that the train is recognized as part of. This probably won't be possible until the new save file format is out, seeing as the list of block brakes on merged tracks most likely can't be saved as a part of the current save file. Also, the new save file format would have to recognize the additional operating mode.

This was just one of those "shower thoughts" that popped into my head and I thought I'd share it with you guys. Its probably a long way off and would require some extensive recoding but I figured it might be of interest to some of you guys.

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Block brakes on merged rides are actually already possible - the trick is to make sure that all the blocks are on the same circuit - which needs to be a complete circuit - but the train doesn't actually have to stay on that track between the blocks. You can merge it onto another track, and then merge it back before the block section. The parts of the other track that the train does not run on can either be built underground or made invisible with corrupt elements.

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If the track is a complete circuit, I don't see how the train can be merged onto another track. When it reaches the "split", it will continue on the track it is currently on rather than switching to the new track. This is what make switchtracks work correctly, e.g. at the "split" the train continues on the track it is already on: the track forming the ramp.

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Not necessarily - it switches to the first track piece on the tile.  If you build the track with the blocks first (as I usually do), then you have to switch the tracks around in the tile inspector so it switches onto the alternate track instead. If you build the merged track first then that should not be necessary - I like to build the blocks first so I can ensure the block system is working before switching the trains onto the alternate track. I know this definitely works, because I've used it for all three coasters in my current park.

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I merged a dive coaster with a twistingcoaster. The divecoaster is a custom with a 10 accross car. The block brakes do not work. I did what was written above but it didn't work for me. Error not a complet curcit. please help (Sorry I'm bad at English)

openrct2 help.png

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The main track also needs to be a complete circuit. If you need to merge the dive coaster into a steel twister, it's easier to use the arbitrary ride change cheat. Since I see Dutch on the screenshot, I'll continue in Dutch.

Om blokremmen te laten werken moet de hoofdachtbaan ook een compleet circuit zijn. De extra stukken (ongebruikte) baan kan je onzichtbaar maken door er in de tile inspector een corrupt element onder te plaatsen. Deze kan je openen als je debugging tools aan hebt staan (waar je ook cheats aan hebt gezet). Op splitsingen volgt de trein (op een aantal uitzonderingen na) het eerst gebouwde baanelement.

Controleer op de volgende manier of je het goed hebt gedaan: klik op het station en ga steeds (met de knop volgende) naar het volgende baanelement tot je weer bij het station bent. Je zou nu de hele route af moeten leggen die de trein ook af gaat leggen. Doe dan nog een keer hetzelfde achteruit, je hoort dan in omgekeerde volgorden langs de (deels onzichtbaar gemaakte) hoofdbaan langs alle blokremmen te gaan. Ga je over andere achtbanen of stopt het op een duur, dan is er iets fout gegaan.


Een makkelijkere manier is om een de cheat 'allow arbitrary ride type changes' te gebruiken (werkt alleen goed voor de combi verticale val + twister achtbaan). Elke keer dat je een baanelement van het andere type nodig hebt, wissel je van baantype. Nadat je de cheat hebt aangezet, kan dat in het scherm van de achtbaan zelf. Omdat je dan maar één achtbaan gebruikt, werken blokremmen vanzelf.

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Not sure what jensj12 said, but you don't even need to merge vertical drop and twister coaster, just change the ride type as necessary when building. So, when building steep lift hills and the drop brake, use vertical drop ride type, then switch to twister for the rest. Very easy to do, block sections work, etc.

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4 hours ago, TheMathsGod said:

Actually, you do need to merge them if you want to use the vertical drop coaster's drop brake piece, which the twister coaster doesn't have.

The twister track does have that piece in OpenRCT2 - in fact, the twister coaster has every piece that's available on the vertical drop coaster and vice-versa. The only difference is the default support type (vertical drop track has square supports and twister supports are round). Unless you particularly care about this, or you require compatibility with vanilla, there is never a need to merge twister track with vertical drop track in OpenRCT2 - they have the same pieces and identical sprites.

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