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  1. I think the App is getting hung. Probably just a ram issue. My laptop is from 2007 lol anyway.
  2. No it does not. I have to close the window and then end it due to being unresponsive. After that I can start it up no problems.
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    Heard this was the perfect place to say it.. so HI. Not first post but close.
  4. I found out about Openrct2 while watching Youtube videos of Rct2. I started watching the videos when I saw on my news feed the longest coaster made on RCT2.
  5. I Love Openrct2 and glad that it was made. I have been enjoying this game for ever and this upgrade really added lots to it. The issue I am having right now is when I try to open the program I sometimes get a error and have to abort then end the game through ctrl alt delete. After doing this once it will allow me to start the game with no issues coming up. Just really annoying. Any help is appreciated. Thank you again.
  6. When I click on a save game it brings me to error loading page. I push download missing custom parts online if available. And it crashes the program and tells me to tell the makers. What should I do?
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