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  1. Some good Detroit techno from one half of Drexciya. RIP James Stinson
  2. I remember having watched commercials for it and Off the Rails back in the day, but I never played them, unfortunately. I don't think I realized that they were made by Frontier until later on.
  3. ...Joel. lol I've been a fan of the RCT games since I got RCT1 sometime back in 2001/2002, then getting RCT2 not too long after. A couple of years ago, I installed RCT2 on my Mac, but I didn't play it as much as I should have in retrospect. It wasn't until Joel's OpenRCT2 stream/video that I downloaded it, and I've been hooked since. I'm not sure if I was aware of its existence beforehand, but I went into the video having grown up with the games, so I would say that was the catalyst.
  4. I second this request It would fit well with the already existing custom Mario scenery too lol
  5. Hey everyone. I've been playing OpenRCT2 for a little over a year now, but I only just made an account on here today lol You may know me as a big wig in servers like GTW's Nostalgia Server and FREEDOM SERVER, along with lurking around other servers in the game. If not, well, that's fine lol I don't know how often I'll post on here but maybe you'll see me around...
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