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  1. I first heard of it when I was looking for an RCT alternative for Linux back in '15 but I scrubbed it off because it was very early and I also found FreeRCT, an attempt at rewriting the entire game from bottom up, also very early. I only decided to give it a go after Vargskelethor's RCT extravaganza stream.
  2. In my eyes, Atari's kinda dumb for trying to remaster a god-tier game with a poopy interface and poopy animations, and also for thinking people want remasters. RCTC will probably not hurt OpenRCT2 at all from what I'm seeing. I'm hoping for and it seems like this is going to take off from being simply an open-source re-implementation of RCT2 in the long run, much like OpenTTD is not just libre TTD nor OpenBVE is libre BVE.
  3. Hello, I'm just that person that liked RCT as a kid, grew up found OpenRCT2 and plays it again. (literally what happened to me) If you want to know more about me, sure, here it is. I'm just someone insignificant, I'm in college, I have my friends, I haven't made any news, I'm not a content creator, I like games, I have my own hobbies, but I've also got my emotional problems that no game can solve. Signed up after I watched this video. Greetings from /g/. I hope I'm not pretty boring desu.
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