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Idea: Randomizing colors when first constructing a new ride/stall

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This is more of something aesthetic than anything since it wouldn't really affect the gameplay all too much, plus I wouldn't call it an absolute necessity.

Basically, it would add a setting in the Option menus that upon clicking it,  any time a new ride is started on in-game, it will default to 100% random colors instead of one of several pre-set palettes specific to the ride.

Trains' colors would be randomized as well, and would always be set to have "All Trains the same color", and the ride station platform would be Plain.

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I like this idea very much. This will be very much a breath of fresh air from the default color combination that is provided from the start. In fact, it's so old for me that I don't even let it set to that setting ever as if I have some prejudice towards it. :P 

Another thing that could be done is adding more pre-set color combinations into the roster, but either way is good enough for me. :) 

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I was more thinking of a preset menu in the color scheme window, complete with an option to add and remove presets (sometimes I want one of the other presets and I can't remember what it looks like). Building a new ride randomly picks one of the presets, including those the player added.

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Customizable presets sounds like a good idea, not just for rides, but also for shops. Like having 5 different colours that you choose for umbrellas, and that a random one from those is picked when you built a shop that sells them. And while we're at it, maybe also the ability to change the default colours for the scenery tab.

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Having the idea of adding/customizing presets sounds like a good idea. From the Options tab you could select either full randomization, default+custom presets, or a combination of the two. Then again if that did happen then the player would have to set presets for every flat ride, tracked ride, and stall in the game that allows the use of colors, though I'm sure it wouldn't take too long.

Another idea I had was randomizing track and vehicle color presets between each other if randomization isn't enabled.

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1. Make stall colors random (But with a option to disable certain colors)

2. Scenery colors default to most used in all 3 tiers (Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary)

3. Expand ride pallets too all prebuilts/saved of the same ride type (For instance, getting Great White Wail's scheme at random for woodies)

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